Morrisons' Christmas food includes mini pies, a sticky toffee dessert bowl and star-shaped doughnuts

MORRISONS shoppers can officially start getting into the festive spirit as the supermarket has unveiled its Christmas food range for 2020.

The seasonal selection includes bite-size mini steak and ale and chicken and ham pies.

Both pies, which are part of the supermarket's luxury The Best range, feature a golden shortcrust pastry and a meaty filling.

Morrisons will be selling both flavours in a pack of 12 from November 12, with the packs containing six of each pie.

The supermarket hasn’t revealed the prices for its festive range, or the relevant calorie information.

We’d recommend keeping an eye on the Morrisons website, or visiting in-store, when the products are available to buy.

Shoppers can use the Morrisons store finder tool to locate their nearest shop.

In the meantime, we’ve rounded up what else you can expect to find in Morrisons’ Christmas 2020 range.

The Best sticky toffee bowl dessert

This pudding is essentially a sticky toffee version of your classic trifle.

It's layered with a sticky toffee sauce, sponge, vanilla custard, and topped with whipped cream and golden balls.

Morrisons will start selling its sticky toffee bowl dessert from December 9, in a 900g portion.

We couldn't find another similar looking sticky toffee trifle, but Morrisons also sells a regular sticky toffee pudding for £2.25.

Christmas star doughnuts

Morrisons is giving its doughnuts a festive twist by shaping them like stars.

Each doughnut is sprinkled with icing sugar so it looks like they're covered in snow.

But the supermarket hasn't said what each treat is filled with – we've asked for more information.

These will be available in packs of two from November 16.

Again, we couldn't see another supermarket selling star-shaped doughnuts, but a two-pack of fresh cream doughnuts from Morrisons cost £1.65.

Wensleydale cheese with salted caramel

The supermarket describes this slightly bizarre offering as "crumbly cheese with ribbons of salted caramel".

Wensleydale cheese typically contains cranberries, but you'll often find versions with apricots and other sweet fruits.

Morrisons will start selling their Wensleydale with salted caramel from November 30, with a starting weight of 100g.

A regular block of 225g Wensleydale costs £2.50 from Morrisons.

The Best pork belly bites with BBQ sauce

If you're looking for the perfect sharer, Morrisons will be selling these pork belly bites which have been slow cooked and smothered in a barbecue rub.

The supermarket says the sauce gives each piece of pork a sticky, smoky taste.

Morrisons is selling these from November 23 in a 180g pack.

We don't know how much these cost yet, but Sainsbury's is selling a 380g pack of pork belly bites for £4.

The Best stuffed British free range turkey crown

Christmas is all about the turkey, and this one from Morrisons' The Best range is topped with a lattice of smoked bacon.

Inside, it's been stuffed with pork, sage and onion stuffing.

Morrisons will start selling this turkey from December 19 with sizes ranging from 1.8kg to 2.2kg – the supermarket says this feeds between five and eight people.

We don't know what other supermarkets will be charging for their turkeys yet, so make sure you compare prices as December 25 gets nearer.

Tesco has also revealed its Christmas 2020 range and it includes giant pigs in blankets.

The Sun has also taken a look at what Aldi has in store for Christmas including its new truffle pigs in blankets.

Asda’s Christmas food includes spicy pigs in blankets and reindeer crumpets.


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