Mrs Hinch details birth story of Lennie as she admits her waters broke on nurse

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, welcomed her second son Lennie back in May.

The mum-of-two described how her heart was full and that she and her husband Jamie were "very grateful".

But until recently the influencer hasn't shared any information or details on her boy's delivery last month.

On Thursday when her 4.1 million Instagram fans had the chance to "ask her anything", Mrs Hinch finally lifted the lid on his birth.

She said she wanted to give details of the full story but for now fans will get a few key moments of the labour.

The first incident was when her waters broke all over the nurse who was helping her.

She detailed: "My pessary got stuck and after three nurses had tried they finally got it out and my waters then broke all over her uniform."

The mum then explained that as things moved so quickly, she was unable to even make it to the labour ward.

Mrs Hinch added: "I ended up giving birth in a side room next to reception where partners weren't allowed."

It meant that for the majority of the labour, her husband Jamie wasn't allowed to witness the birth of his second child.

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She went on: "Jamie could hear me screaming his name from the corridor but wasn't allowed in until they realised I wasn't going to make it to the labour ward so they let him in.

"He only caught the last ten minutes of it all."

Mrs Hinch also revealed how she didn't have an epidural and went through the whole delivery with just gas and air.

She described how she pushed Lennie out on all fours and found how it was more painful than lying flat.

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Mrs Hinch welcomed little Lennie back in May as she shared the news with her Instagram fans.

She wrote back then: "Hello Everyone. Jamie, Ronnie, Henry and I have a little someone to introduce to you. Born today, 22/05/21 at 12:56am, weighing 7lb 4 ounces, please meet Lennie Alan James Hinchliffe.

"I have absolutely no words to explain how I’m feeling right now guys but what I do know is that our hearts are so full. We are so very grateful and SO in love. Let the Adventures of Ron, Len & Hen begin.

"Thank you so so much for all of your beautiful well wishes and messages checking in on us. Your support and love means the world. Lots of love to every single one of you xxxx Jamie, your boys and I love you millions."

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