Mum sketches daily doodle of family life in lockdown

Mum-of-three Angie Stevens is creating an incredible record of life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Each day for the last ten years, Angie has popped to the shed in the garden to create a daily doodle of her family life and hasn’t stopped since Covid-19 reached the UK.

Her sketches now capture the moment people clapped for the NHS, self-distancing queues in supermarkets, and her children vigorously washing their hands, all documenting what has become the new normal.

Angie, of Swansea, South Wales, said: ‘I’ve got a little shed and it’s my little space now. It’s lovely.

‘I started sketching pictures of my children when they were all small as it can feel a bit isolating being at home. It was just for fun.

‘It’s come full circle now as here we are again all at home and having to stay indoors.’

Angie upped her daily drawing when the outbreak hit, realising she should document all the strange scenes of the pandemic.

The resulting doodles capture sweet family moments spend indoors, such as daughters Millie, 16, and Evie, 12, painting their window with a rainbow and Gruff, 10, washing his hands.

Angie said: “I try to draw the little things and make a laugh out of them.

‘More than ever now we can annoy each other with the little things.

‘Like someone putting the forks upside down in the drawer. It’s funny to draw about it.’

The mum, who’s married to Myles, 48, hopes her drawings will remind other parents struggling through lockdown that they’re not alone.

‘It is nice to know that I am making people smile and that we are all in this together,’ she says.

Angie also has some words of advice for other parents trying to work from home while the kids are stuck indoors: ‘My tip to other parents in isolation is to invest in some headphones. They work wonders when you need a moment to yourself.’

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