Mum-to-be gives ugly kitchen a grey makeover for under £60 using Frenchic paint

Many of us are sick of our interior decor after lockdown – no one likes staring at the same four walls all day.

Unfortunately, renovations can cost in the thousands.

And few people can afford to splash the cash right now.

Luckily, that’s where DIY comes in – and many Brits are rolling up their sleeves and giving it a go for less than £100.

Couple Chloe Bradley, 22, a teaching assistant, and her boyfriend, Tom, bought their first home last year.

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They loved their new house, but weren’t thrilled with the kitchen.

So, instead of spending a fortune replacing the counters and surfaces she decided to try her hand with Frenchic paint.

And, she’s totally transformed the room for under £60 – all while pregnant.

Chloe, from Stockton-on-Tees, told money-saving community : "We bought our first house just under a year ago.

"Although it wasn't an awful kitchen, it just really wasn't to our taste and wasn't what we would have chosen."

As the couple had a baby on the way they didn’t want to shell out to replace the units.

Chloe continued: "I had seen lots of people on Facebook using Frenchic paint to upcycle their furniture and kitchens.

"I ordered two tins of Frenchic Al Fresco Greyhound paint from their website for £17 each.”

The mum-to-be took a few doors off at a time and unscrewed the handles.

She then gave them a good wipe down with some sugar soap and a clean cloth to remove any leftover grease or dirt.

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This is important as leftover grime can cause bubbling in the paint.

Chloe said: "The doors were high gloss to start with so I had to sand the surface of the doors with sand paper to help the paint adhere better.”

She then painted each door using a Frenchic paintbrush.

Chloe painted on four very thin layers.

She added: “The key to using this paint is really thin layers and leaving an hour between each coat.

“The first coat always looks terrible which can make you panic and think ‘oh no, what have I done?’

"But by the fourth coat, you get a really nice even surface.

“Once I had painted all of the doors and reattached them, I left the paint to cure for a couple of days before I reattached the handles.”

Chloe, who shares her home transformations on Instagram at @chloeandtomshome, loves the new space.

Especially because it cost her under £60 for all her supplies.

A tin of Greyhound Al Fresco paint comes in at £17.95 for 750ml.

Chloe said: "I'm honestly so pleased with how it has turned out.

“I can't believe its the same kitchen!”

She continued: “Doing it myself using the Frenchic paint has saved me literally hundreds of pounds.

"I would definitely recommend this paint to anyone who is interested in improving their kitchen and is on a tight budget.”

What an incredible transformation!

We love it!

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