Mum’s horror as husband sends baby pic to family – without cropping out privates

A mum was left humiliated when her husband sent a baby photo to his family just moments after she gave birth to her third child – but without cropping below her waist.

Wenfreed shared the embarrassing blunder on TikTok and explained that her other half had taken the picture from inside the delivery room.

She said: "Remembering when my husband sent pics to his whole family on a group text just after our son was born without cropping them."

To give evidence, she shared the picture and covered her private parts in emojis.

Wenfreed said she was "completely uncovered from the waist down, legs still in stirrups" while holding the newborn in her arms.

She also joked that it was a way for her family "really get to know me inside and out".

It appears that Wenfeed is not the only one who has experienced the mishap. Viewers also shared their similar stories in the comments section.

One wrote: "I had an emergency section and he sent them a picture of my daughter coming out of me."

"Yup, that was my hubby too," a second agreed. "I was mortified when I found out."

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The mum-of-three added: "They could see my 'cootcoot' front and centre. But the good news is, you kind of lose your modesty during the labor process."

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