Mum's simple four-ingredient Carbonara dinner divides parents

Mum sparks debate with her ‘lazy’ four-ingredient Carbonara dinner: ‘It doesn’t look edible’

  • Mum shared a four-ingredient ‘lazy’ dinner
  • She used jar sauce, pasta, chicken and bacon
  • Many said an authentic Carbonara is cheaper and easier 

A mum-of-three has wowed thousands with her tasty four-ingredient ‘lazy’ dinner – but not everyone is convinced. 

Emma Lou used just a jar of carbonara sauce, pasta, chicken and bacon to whip up a dinner she said her kids loved. 

While many got on board with the simple meal others were quick to point out ditching the jar of sauce for egg, parmesan and pasta water would make a cheaper and more authentic Carbonara dish. 

The UK-based mum shared the now viral ‘lazy dinner’ tip in a TikTok clip.   

‘Because I’m so lazy and cannot cook, I got this jar from (British supermarket) Tesco and I slopped it all in there and mixed it around,’ she explained. 

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Mum-of-three Emma Lou’s ‘lazy’ dinner has divided parents. Some loved the simple recipe but others slammed it saying to ditch the jar sauce to make a more authentic Carbonara

After stirring the sauce through the pasta, Emma added cooked chicken as well as bacon pieces and served it up. 

‘Before you say it, I’m not Italian. Can’t complain because they all ate it and I made the kids clear up,’ she added. 

Emma used a creamy Carbonara sauce from the British supermarket Tesco but Aussie shoppers can get their hands on a similar sauce from Dolmio for just $4 at Woolworths

Some viewers were left ‘confused’ by the Carbonara recipe and slammed the idea. 

‘I don’t get Carbonara sauce when all you need to do is add eggs, Parmesan and a bit of pasta water,’ one mum said adding: ‘Probably a similar cost but tastes so much better and not processed.’

‘Carbonara sauce is literally eggs and cheese mixed together and poured over with some hot water from the pasta pot. it takes like two minutes to make,’ agreed a second. 

Many leapt to Emma’s defence noting jar sauces are also quick to use and cheese can be too pricey for many households amid the rising cost of living.  

‘It takes one second to pour a jar into the pasta,’ a viewer quipped while another said: ‘Also cheese in general is expensive’.

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‘Marinara sauce is simple too and people buy jars. Not everyone can keep fresh ingredients in the house and parmigiano is a luxury,’ replied a third.

‘Contrary to the comments I actually quite like the carbonara sauce in a pot. It’s less bother!’ one woman wrote. 

There were many parents who were keen to try the ‘brilliant’ no-fuss meal for themselves with one saying: ‘I’d eat this no complaints’. 

‘I would be all over this that looks so good. Cooking is effort, so long as something edible is on the table who cares,’ another mum said.  

One viewer suggested: ‘Chuck a bit of broccoli and frozen peas in as well, makes it really nice’. 

‘Another brilliant sauce is literally Philadelphia with a bit of milk,’ another recommended.

Aussie shoppers can get their hands on a similar sauce from Dolmio for just $4 at Woolworths. 

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