My partner's grandchildren insist on calling me grandma and I hate it

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner’s grandchildren insist on calling me Grandma. I hate it.

The kids, aged seven, six and four, have been doing it since I was introduced to them two years ago.

I guess my son-in-law thought it would make me feel like part of the family, considering my partner is known as Grandad.

But it just makes me feel old. I’m 64.

As we’re not related, I don’t feel close enough to them to be considered their grandma.

Surely that title should be reserved for their biological grandmother.

I have asked the children again and again to call me by my first name but they just won’t listen.

Now my son-in-law is expecting a fourth child and I want to get the message across before they pick it up too. Am I overreacting?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Mention it to your son-in-law. He might not know you feel this way and if he is referring to you as Grandma around the kids, they will follow suit.

Children adapt quickly, so with their dad’s guidance they will start calling you by your first name instead.

I’ve attached my support pack Standing Up For Yourself to help you get your point across.

You also mention you don’t feel especially close to them.

It would be worth investing time to create your own relationship.

Though you are not related by blood, you would all benefit from a closer bond.

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