NASA ISS astronaut Bob Behnken shares photo showing boundary between day and night

From their position on the International Space Station, NASA astronauts enjoy a unique view of our world most will never have the chance to see. The International Space Station orbits Earth at a height of approximately 250 miles (400km). The ISS consequently orbits the Earth up to 16 times every day.

One NASA ISS astronaut has now captured an extraordinary photo detailing the boundary between day and night on Earth.

My favourite views of our planet that capture the boundary between night and day

Bob Behnken

Bob Behnken, who has been on the ISS for almost a month, tweeted two photos of the extraterrestrial boundary.

He said: “My favourite views of our planet that capture the boundary between night and day.”

Many users replied to the tweet, expressing their delight at the beautiful phenomenon.

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Everything SpaceX wrote: “Thank you so much for these photos!

“They inspire us to to dream while we hope to join you in space sometime in the future!”

Danny Serrano added: “I don’t mind being in space until 2020 is over.”

However, the so-called Flat Earthers were also out in full force, with a minority of science sceptics questioning the authenticity of the photo which clearly shows our planet is round.

One wrote: “Earth is flat don’t @ me,” while another said: “Yeaaaaa…….That’s perfectly Flat. Don’t see any reason to believe why it’s a sphere.”

Although the Flat Earth conspiracy has unfortunately garnered huge attention recently, humans have actually known the Earth is round for more than 2,000 years.

US-based space agency NASA writes: “Today, scientists use geodesy, which is the science of measuring Earth’s shape, gravity and rotation.

“Geodesy provides accurate measurements that show Earth is round. With GPS and other satellites, scientists can measure Earth’s size and shape to within a centimetre.


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“Pictures from space also show Earth is round like the moon.”

The photos arrive only a couple of days after Bob Behnken and Chris Cassidy participated on a historic spacewalk on the ISS.

The astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station to replace ageing nickel-hydrogen batteries for one of the orbiting laboratory’s two power channels.

The new lithium-ion batteries replaced the old batteries that arrived last month on a Japanese cargo ship.

The two spacewalks were the 228th and 229th in support of space station assembly, maintenance and upgrades.

The missions come after NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made history when they performed the first-ever all-women spacewalk in October.

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