Netflix Party not working: Why is my Netflix Party not working?

Watching Netflix while at home is one of the great guilty pleasures of the modern age. However, some users have complained about problems with the Netflix Party extension not working.

Why is Netflix Party not working?

Numerous new Netflix Party users from around the world have taken to social media to complain the extension is to working.

By far the most common suggestion made is to exit Google Chrome and open it up again.

Users are then urged to make ensure all Google Chrome extension settings are on.

Others remind users to make sure they try to start Netflix Party before they start whatever they watching the TV show or film.

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How does a Netflix Party work?

To use Netflix Party, all participants require Google Chrome browsers and the Netflix Party extension.

This Chrome extension only works with Netflix and no other streaming sites.

Once the Chrome extension is installed, log into Netflix and select a show or movie to watch together.

Next, select the NP extension icon after you loaded up your video of choice.

The Netflix icon should then turn a red colour once it is accessible.

Netflix Party users will have the option to themselves total control.

Whoever has total control will be in sole charge of starting and stopping the Netflix show or film.

The icon will then display a link – you can click the icon again at any point while watching to get access to it should you need to send it out again.

As the Netflix Party host, you can then copy the link from the extension icon and send it to the people you wish to watch with.


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Again, they will need to be logged into their Netflix accounts to be able to access the chat.

For the people joining the party, copy the link, which will direct them to Netflix.

To access the Netflix Party, click the NP icon in the top-right of the screen.

Your video should now be synced with the hosting user.

You should be able to comment in the Netflix Party group chat.

Your in-chat name and icon can also be customised by clicking on the one already supplied.

Netflix Party is not the only way to host a virtual watch party.

Those wishing to see and hear your friends via your webcams while watching Netflix, can install Scener.

And those preferring to watch a video on YouTube or Hulu, can use Metastream.

Metastream has a text chat feature like Netflix Party.

A further option is TwoSeven, allowing to watch YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Now while video chatting with your friends.

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