oqLiq Launches Technical FW21 Weather-Themed Collection

Continuing the theme of “Breeze and Rain” from SS21, Taiwanese label oqLiq has officially launched its Fall/Winter collection.

The lineup’s core inspiration is drawn from the Chinese classic novel Investiture of the Gods, in which the four heavenly gods of weather ensure the world’s prosperity by controlling the weather. Contemporary silhouettes with versatile technical textiles lead the range as the assemblage is crafted with needle punch embroidery and recycled materials. Premium materials like 3XDRY® and CORDURA® are incorporated throughout.

It is a bit of traditional workwear and vintage military as the technical lineup consists of trench coats, blazers, parkas, and windbreakers that are equipped with flap pockets and other storage solutions. We can see Eastern aesthetics infused in earthy tones of grey, black and olive, occasionally highlighted by orange and silver-blue. The weather-combating pieces are wind-resistant, water-repellent, and comfortable to wear.

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