Page 3 icon Linda Lusardi dons sheer pink lingerie to show off ageless curves

Linda Lusardi has opened up about living life in the spotlight – admitting she's not against cosmetic surgery to keep herself looking youthful.

The former Page 3 starlet, 62, says non-invasive procedures are similar to buying a new handbag.

The TV presenter says as long as people don't go overboard with their love of plastic surgery, it can look natural.

Asked if she'd have cosmetic surgery, Linda replied "I think so.

"You don't realise how many people have had things done, because they don't look like they have.

"People spend as much on a good handbag. I'd rather spend it on the bags under my eyes!"

Linda went on to explain to Best magazine that she still feels sexy, but like the rest of us, can get low at times.

"I do, but I think that comes from inner confidence. I can still feel self-conscious," she told the publication.

"There is nothing worse than sitting outside a pub having a drink and thinking, "Are they looking at my bad skin?"

"If you can do things to make you more confident, I say why not?!'

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She added: "I'm like every other woman – all we do is compare how we look now to how we used to be! But yes, I think, given my age – not bad."

Linda went on to add that she feels 'lucky to still be here' after her battle with coronavirus in 2020.

Linda was hospitalised and needed oxygen and a drip as she fought the virus.

Her devoted husband Sam Kane was braced for the worst and even admitted he was warned she was "at death's door".

Recalling her battle in December last year, Linda said: "There were some very dark moments where I didn’t think I was going to make it.

"The mental trauma of it has touched us all even though it was me who was sick.

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"My children had to deal with the fact they might lose both of us and then me, and the mental effect it’s had on us has been very traumatic really."

Speaking earlier in the year, Linda explained how her illness had caused hair loss due to stress.

She also reportedly struggling with lack of energy for months after being free from Covid.

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