Patton Oswalt and Scott Baio Get Into Increasingly Absurd Twitter War

“I’m here with four Proud Boys, their moms and Scott Baio.”

It was bound to happen at some point in the dark timeline we’ve all slipped into …. Patton Oswalt and Scott Baio finally collided in the Twitter-verse.

The battle began when the “A.P. Bio” comedian took to his social media account on Thursday to poke fun at the conspiracy theory of Donald Trump being re-inaugurated as the President come March 4th (SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t happen.)

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“Guys, I’m at the DuPont Circle Pinkberry for the #TrumpInauguration,” Patton began. “I’m here with four Proud Boys, their moms and Scott Baio. Did we get the address wrong? Help me out, this Minuteman costume is super-itchy.”

The following morning, Scott, an infamous Trump supporter and stan of the “TDS” acronym (Trump Derangement Syndrome), shot back with his own comedic stylings, tweeting, “Poor Oswalt needs 2 prescriptions. One for his TDS and one for his STD itch.”

Less than an hour later, Patton retweeted Scott’s post with a reference to the actor’s work in Alan Parker’s 1976 film “Bugsy Malone” by writing, “Oh YIKES. I didn’t even ‘@’ this guy. Poor sap searches his name on Twitter. No one dunk on him, this is really depressing. BUGSY MALONE’s still a great movie, right?”

At this point, director James Gunn chimed in by posting, “But needing a prescription for a venereal disease is a really hilarious burn, you have to admit. How will you ever recover?”

But Scott found a supporter of his own by reposting a tweet that read, “Hey loser back off of @ScottBaio Scott can kick your butt, Scott’s wife can kick your butt, Scott’s whole family can kick your butt, in summation PaTtOn Scott Baio and his family are badasses and you are definitely NOT.”

The supporter’s tweet included Patton’s original post about Scott being at Pinkberry, thus apparently proving to Scott himself that he didn’t search for it like Patton suggested. To emphasize his point, the “Joanie Loves Chachi” vet captioned it, “Wrong again, you fat, ugly sh–head!”

With a twist of Scott’s words, Patton replied, “I must respectfully disagree. BUGSY MALONE is a really good movie and you were lucky to get to work with Alan Parker. Dude is an under appreciated genius.”

Scott dove deep in his next play, as he reposted two of Patton’s sarcastic tweets from years earlier, with the caption, “Left: Nothing to see here……..” All of which Scott appeared to be grasping for followers to take out of context completely.

The 2013 tweet from Patton read, “The angry ‘@’ tweets from my hammer toed followers opened my eyes. ‘Pedo-phobe’ shaming hurts us all. I am a PROUD pedophile!” while the 2015 said, “Dear @SUBWAY: Jared Fogle blaming his pedophilia on you is gross. I love your sandwiches and they almost never make me wanna f— kids.”

It’s your move, Patton.

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