People have just realised there's a secret setting on salt grinders

The secret SECOND setting on salt grinders that people have only just noticed

  • People said that were ‘today years old’ when they found this little-know trick out 
  • All you have to do is pop the top part of the shaker to change the setting 

Your daily grind could be about to get a little bit more interesting…  but don’t go overboard, too much salt isn’t good for anyone.

TikTok users have been blown away by a recent revelation by one reviewer who shared his discovery about salt grinders. 

TikToker Mark, who goes by the name Right Guys Review, shared the clip with his 1.4million followers, exclaimed he was ‘today years old’ after realising the new hack

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Mark, who goes by Right Guys Review on social media, shared the clip on TikTok, and since sharing his findings, the clip has been liked more than a whopping 72,000 times

The TikToker showed how you can pop the salt shaker at the top, by the lid, and this will allow you to have finer salt granules come out

Since sharing his findings, the clip has been liked more than 72,000 times and shared more than 3,000 times. 

In the clip, he says: ‘I can’t believe I’m just finding this out today.

‘Do you know these salt shaker things? Well, did you know you can actually change it from fine to ground.

‘I never knew that. Who knew that? 

‘Lets give it a try.’

He then proceeds to twist the top of the shaker a bit – with the lid off – and then places his finger in between the grinder – this, he reveals – changes the setting of the grinder.

He continues: ‘So apparently you just pop this down, and it changes it from big to small.’

He then reveals his results by milling salt from both settings – finer grains of salt using one, and larger chunks using the other. ‘Oh my god’, he exclaims.

People have been left surprised after figuring out that there is a secret button on salt grinders you have to press to get a different consistency come out

He adds: ‘How, how have I only found this out today?’. 

Following the discovery, hundreds of people took to the comments section to share their surprise, saying that they will be using this system from now on.

One person on Twitter wrote: ‘Don’t cos I’ve been wondering why my salt was so huge!’

And another said: ‘I was today years old.’ 

A third person put: ‘I’ve never ran so fast to my cupboard to test it out. mind blown.’

One more added: ‘No wayyyyyyyy I actually never new that lol.’

And a fourth wrote: ‘Oh my god,’ as another person added: ‘Who knew??!!’.

While another person said that they tried this out with another seasoning, writing: ‘Omg I’ve just done this with my pepper one, thanks for sharing.’ 

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