Piers Morgan makes barbed dig at Harry and Meghan after baby daughter news

Piers Morgan made a snide comment on Twitter about the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a baby girl.

The news that the pair welcomed a daughter on Friday broke on Sunday evening. She is called Lilibet Diana, in a sweet tribute to the Queen and Harry's late mother Princess Diana. Lilibet weighs 7lbs 11oz and mother and baby are doing well.

It wasn’t long before people asked Piers – one of the most outspoken critics of the Duke and Duchess – what his thoughts were.

He wryly posted on Twitter: "To those asking for my reaction to the new royal baby, I am respecting her parents' constant pleas for privacy and declining to comment."

Twitter users pointed out though that even by posting that, he is in fact passing comment.

However, others weighed in with their own opinion about the little girl’s name.

Lilibet is a family nickname for Queen Elizabeth and Diana is of course to “honour her beloved grandmother”.

But critics have expressed their surprise that Harry and Meghan, who have spent the last few months sharing their criticism of the Royal Family and accusing them of racism, chose “royal” names.

One said: “Isn’t it strange how they claim the Royals are racist a****** yet name the baby after the queen, her personal private name, anything to cash in and cling onto the perks of the connection…”

Another agreed with: “Why do they want royal names when they don't want to be members of 'the firm'?”

A third chimed in with: “Slates his grandmother publicly in a veiled way, then names his daughter by her nickname. Unbelievable.”

Meanwhile, Piers said in an explosive new tell-all interview on 60 Minutes Australia that “this is the most wound up I’ve been in weeks" about Meghan Markle.

Piers, 56, said: “We’re allowed to have strong opinions even if some people wince.”

He went on to slam racists but encouraged the country to chill out as he addressed being “cancelled.”

Piers shared: “That’s what made our countries great and I’m not giving a license to vile racists, they should absolutely be removed from the ether, but come on, everybody, take a chill pill.

The show’s host went on to question the guest, asking: “Are you going to take one?”

“I’ve actually had one recently. This is the most wound up I’ve been in weeks,” Piers laughed.

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