Rich & Famished: Ten Celebrity Owned Food Brands

Celebrities launching their food and beverage brands is not a new phenomenon. Most celebrities are wealthy enough to invest in such a big business project. Moreover, they can put their massive fame to use for promoting these brands. Therefore, it is inspiring to see how celebrities come up with creative ideas in starting a brand. A kickass product, unparalleled fame, and lots of hard work is the perfect recipe for the success of most celebrity-owned food brands.

Here are some of the most successful celebrity-owned food brands.

10 Once Upon A Farm – Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner is a famous Hollywood actress who also became a producer. However, one of her greatest achievements is starting ‘Once Upon A Farm,’ a food brand for infants. This brand has been co-founded by John Foraker, Cassandra Curtis, and Ari Raz, along with Garner, and it has attracted over $33 million.

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Once Upon a Farm is a venture that produces baby food, but it is unique because it has the concept of organic and natural supplements for babies as its top priority. This brand is also meant to help local farmers by providing a means of distribution to them.

9 Food Stirs – Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Sarah Michelle Geller is another renowned actress who started quite early in Hollywood. She is most popularly known for works like An Invasion of Privacy in 1983, the 1993 soap opera All My Children, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Other than slaying vampires, Geller has also been slaying in the business she has started. It is called ‘Food Stirs’ and is an amazing idea that can bring young kids close to their parents. This brand produces organic mixes with themes for cakes like Rainbow Cake Pops and Movie Night Cupcakes. The idea behind it is for parents to bond with their kids through baking.

8 Bongiovi Pasta Sauces – Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is one of the most sporting personalities in Hollywood. Besides being cool about his aging hair, he is also woke about issues in America like race. Apart from being one of the most successful singer-songwriters, he is also the owner of a best-selling food brand.

This brand ‘Bongiovi Pasta Sauces’ is a family-run business. Even when Jovi was busy with his music career, his father had a reputation in the neighborhood for making the best homemade pasta sauce. He inherited many recipes from his Sicilian great-grandmother Bongiovi and became a master himself.

7 This Saves Lives – Kristen Bell

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The Veronica Mars actress is an all-rounder and aces in acting, singing, and business. Kristen Bell is also quite conscious of the unequal distribution of wealth and resources in First World and Third World countries.

Her granola bar company called ‘This Bar Saves Lives’ is an attempt to improve the situation of child malnutrition in developing countries. The company works on the policy of donating food to kids of developing nations for every bar that it sells. The brand was co-founded by Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell, and Ravi Patel in 2013.

6 Sugarpova – Maria Sharapova

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The retired Russian Tennis Player has earned immense glory in the world of sports. After winning a series of victories in Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and partaking in the 2012 Summer Olympics from Russia, Sharapova decided to try out something new.

She has a sweet tooth herself and took great joy in starting a Brand called ‘Sugarpova.’ It makes high-quality candies and chocolates and was founded in 2012.

5 Barrymore Wines – Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore began her journey to glory as a Hollywood actress but later branched out to prove her worth in other fields. She has her own production company and beauty brand, both under the name tag of ‘Flower.’

However, that is not all. She also owns a beverage brand called ‘Barrymore Wines’ and has truly proven herself an equally successful business person. The wine brand specializes in making three signature blends: a Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, and a Rosé.

4 Newman’s Own – Paul Newman

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Paul Newman has already been a versatile celebrity star in his early career. Besides acting in Hollywood, he has also been a race car driver, film director, and later a successful entrepreneur. He is famous for his performances in Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, and Cool Hand Luke.

In 1982, Newman first launched his salad dressing, and following that, his brand Newman’s Own expanded to include a chain of Pizza outlets. His ventures kept expanding from sauces and pizzas to include other food items even after Newman passed away in 2008.

3 Aviation Gin – Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds is most popularly known for his performance in the Deadpool movie franchise, but he started his career with the Canadian teen drama series called Hillside. He has also been a renowned comedian and a business person.

Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin is particularly famous, and although he did not establish this brand, he took it over in 2018. His interest in taking over a gin brand stems purely from his interest in the alcoholic drink and his belief that gin is one of the most popular drinks.

2 22 Days Nutrition – Beyoncé and Jay Z

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Beyonce and JayZ, being a power couple, have numerous triumphs to their name, among which the 22 Days Nutrition venture is a popular one. This is part of their plan to encourage fans to follow a vegan diet.

The duo announced this plant-based lifestyle company in 2018. Their target is to make healthy and organic living more affordable and fun. The couple introduced a 22-day program of eating healthy and tasty organic nutrition bars, powders, and a vegan diet.

1 Vita Coco – Madonna and Rihanna

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Vita Coco is jointly owned by two celebrity stars – Madonna and Rihanna. A major chunk of the brand’s popularity is the huge fan following that the two legendary pop stars have gathered over their successful careers in the music and entertainment industry.

Other celebrities have also vested in this brand, but it is mainly Madonna and Rihanna. Madonna is reported to have invested a hefty sum of $1.5 billion in 2010. It is a coconut water brand that offers a superior taste with a handful of secret ingredients.

While most brands on the list are exclusive and cool in their distinct way, the one thing that they have in common is a popular personality as their owner or joint owner. Regardless of their motivation behind starting a food brand, these celebrities have converted them into successful multi-million dollar businesses with their business skills and influence.

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