ROKIT Explores the World of Basketball Through the Unexpected Athlete

ROKIT is back with yet another collection, this time taking inspiration from the athlete you least expect. The brand recently dropped a slew of capsule collections including House of Tomorrow, Beavis and Butt-Head, the early 2000s and The Velvet Underground. This season’s collection is titled “Not What You Thought,” pinpointing ROKIT’s emphasis on paying more attention to the dark horse.

ROKIT continues to draw references from the world of sports and specifically highlighting key NBA moments that have shaped culture. The brand pays homage to the New York Knicks in black sweatpants and hoodie combo that sees miscellaneously stiched basketballs featured as the design. The basketball motif is especially prominent throughout the collection with many of its key items including a longsleeved tee and a pair of fleece pants that see a magic 8 ball overlayed on top of a basketball. Paying homage to one of the greatest moments in NBA history, one of the shirts includes the legendary image of Dennis Rodman, who iconically wore No. 91 for the Chicago Bulls, leap out horizontally to catch an almost out-of-bound ball. Its oversized silhouettes take heavy inspiration from the punk, hardcore and hip-hop eras.

The collection is now available online at ROKIT. Take a scroll through the lookbook above.

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