Self-isolating? Here are 12 of the best classic films ever made that you simply must watch

In need of something to spruce up your isolation? Well then, you’ve come to just the place as whilst the sunnier climes would usually call for outdoor activities, current circumstances mean many of us will be stuck indoors.

So, if you’ve exhausted the home workouts for the day, and you need to take a break from the jigsaw puzzle for a few hours then why not grab the popcorn and tuck into a Hollywood classic?

Netflix has a lot of binge-worthy boxsets on offer, but sometimes a throwback to one of the greats provides you with that cosy evening you’ve been in need of.

Without further ado, here are some trusty classics, from Casablanca to Titanic, for you to tick off your movie bucket list whilst isolating…

Casablanca, 1942

Casablanca first burst onto screens in 1942, providing viewers with an epic love story between Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick Blaine, and Isla Lund, played by Ingrid Bergman. Of course things are never that simple, and beneath the love story is a tale of war and sacrifice which will have you gripped from the off.

Chariots of Fire, 1981

Can’t read the words Chariots of Fire without humming the theme tune? Then maybe you’re a fan of this film already. However, it’s one of those that can never be watched too many times, as we follow two Olympic hopefuls, Eric liddell, played by Ian Charleson, and Harold Abrahams, played by Ben Cross, as they experience various challenges, including anti-Semitism and social exclusion.

Titanic, 1997

If you’re still umming and ahing over whether or not Jack could’ve fit onto the piece of wood after all then perhaps a Titanic re-watch should be on your list. The film, which needs no introduction, sees trusty duo, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet fall in love in a three and a half hour tear-jerker and, as the biggest grossing film of all time, we promise you’re in for seriously good stuff.

Some Like It Hot, 1959

Watch Marilyn Monroe do what she does best in one of her most memorable roles in Some Like It Hot. Co-starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, it’s one of the 20th centuries most fun and feel good films.

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Psycho, 1960

You may never shower again after the film’s infamous shower scene, but it’s still totally worth a watch. Psycho is the brilliant experiment of Alfred Hitchcock’s and became his most notorious film amongst the rest of his classics.

Gone With The Wind, 1939

Gone With The Wind is the 1939 epic, starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara. The film is set against the backdrop of the Civil War, and despite being criticised for its racial politics, supporting actress Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American actor to win an Academy Award.

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Breakfast At Tiffany’s, 1961

Blake Edwards’s heartwarming comedy about Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, will have you smiling all the way through. Yes, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, if you haven’t already seen it, traces the footsteps of a fashion icon who loves an elegant up-do and a pair of black sunglasses, and it’s got a good bit of romance thrown in too.

Lawrence of Arabia, 1962

An oldie but a goodie, Lawrence of Arabia is the incredible film about T.E. Lawrence, a British archaeologist, military office and World War I liaison to the Ottoman Empire. Lawrence seeks the help of ally, Faisal, to help plan an attack on the enemy.

West Side Story, 1961

Taking its inspiration from Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story tells the tragic tale of rival street gangs, featuring a whole host of big hair, bright pops of colour and recognisable songs. This brilliant film went on to receive a whopping ten Oscars, and will have you dancing around the lounge in no time – how’s that for self-isolation exercise for you?

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Singin’ In The Rain, 1952

Whilst you might have to sing in your flat as opposed to in the rain right now, this classic film will bring you all the feel good you need for any self-isolation periods. The musical, starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds pokes fun at the transition from silent to sound film and featuring some fabulous singing and dancing scenes.

Roman Holiday, 1953

It’s another Audrey Hepburn must. Yes, tick Roman Holiday off your list and you won’t regret it one bit. The film traces the steps of Audrey and Gregory Peck as the pair explore Rome. Peck plays a journalist and Audrey? Well, a princess of course. She’s longing for a bit of freedom and Peck is just the person to help with that.

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The Sound Of Music, 1965

It’s time to throw your arms up in the air with The Sound Of Music. This total classic stars Julie Andrews as the brilliant nun-turned-governess, Maria. It’s based on the real wartime adventures of the Von Trapp family and will have you smiling and singing along all the way through. The hills are aliveee…

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