Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Harriet and Malone’s romp and Mandy’s meddling

MANDY Dingle is suspicious when Vinny boasts about his new work friend Alex next week in Emmerdale – and wonders if this mystery person is a new girlfriend.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…

1. Harriet and Malone are almost caught

Dawn pulls up in her car as Malone tries to do up his buttons after a quick romp with Harriet by the altar.

A flustered Harriet tells Malone that their impulsive session was a mistake.
Back home, Harriet kicks herself for giving into her desires for Malone

But when she receives a text from his asking to meet again the following day, she's clearly tempted by his proposition.

2. Will tries to make things work with Harriet

Will notices Harriet is distant but thinks it’s just because of their argument, and sets about planning how to win her back.

Will talks to Billy and asks for advice, but when he tries to sweet talk Harriet later he only ends up irritating her.

Has Will lost Harriet completely to his nemesis Malone?

3. Vinny is buzzing about work

Vinny has a blast working at the scrapyard with new employee Alex, still completely oblivious that he's actually his dad.

Later, Vinny tells Mandy how excited he is to go to work now that he's made a new mate at the scrapyard.

4. Mandy grows suspicious

Mandy begins to grow worried about how thrilled Vinny is to be going to work.

Mandy warns Vinny to keep his wits about him and make sure he’s not being used by this mystery friend.

5. Lydia thinks Alex is Vinny’s girlfriend

When Vinny leaves for work, Lydia tells Mandy that she thinks his new friend might actually be a girlfriend.

They are both convinced that Alex is a girl, and nosy Mandy can’t resist looking 'her' up on social media to find out more.

Will they discover Alex is Vinny's estranged dad and get the shock of their lives?

6. Leyla puts her foot in it

Liam and Leanna organise a dinner as a truce.

But when Leanna is late, she’s fuming to see Liam flirting with Leyla.

Things take another turn for the worse when the wedding planner finds her office trashed.

Leyla is convinced that Leanna must be to blame and is quick to point the finger.

But if Leanna is innocent, could Leyla be about to make the teen hate her even more?

7. Charity goes on the rampage

Charity flies into a rage when she realises that she needs the permission of Vanessa's ex in order to adopt Johnny.

She wastes little time in marching into the HOP office and demanding that Priya gives her information on the whereabouts of her ex husband Rakesh Kotecha and his son Kirin – who is Johnny's father.

But Priya insists she has no clue where they are – leaving Charity gutted to have already reached a dead end in her search.

Will Charity and Vanessa overcome yet another obstacle?

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