Spoilers: Dipi and Pierce for illicit affair in Neighbours?

Dipi (Sharon Johal) and Pierce (Tim Robbards) crossed a very important line when they gave in to a heated moment in Neighbours. But it looks like they’re about to set up camp on that side of the line.

After becoming so fed up with their respective situations, Dipi and Pierce found themselves caught up in their feelings and stuck on each other’s faces. Now comes the aftermath of that moment and the guilt over their kiss is getting to both of them. What’s more, it’s not going unnoticed.

Shane (Nick Coghlan) senses a tension between the two and instead of getting suspicious, he thinks it’s all his fault. When he hears that Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) is back in town he decides he needs to fix things between the friends. Little does he know he could be the catalyst in his own marital downfall.

Shane throws a dinner party to bring the two together in a bid to get their friendship back on track, but their guilt is so palpable it makes the evening incredibly awkward. It’s on the edge of turning into a disaster. The two realise what their tension is doing to their loved ones and try to put everything aside, but when Shane makes a mess of the dessert Pierce and Dipi’s internal angst spills over.

Feelings are building and Dipi and Pierce can’t escape them, especially when on another evening out they inadvertently find themselves on a date after their partners bail. Relaxing into the evening they share some wine, get talking about their deepest feelings, and find themselves growing closer.

And in a moment of madness, they give in to their growing bond. Or is it just a moment? They don’t seem ready to stop just yet.

Scenes air from Monday 19th October on Channel 5.

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