Stepney Workers Club Links up With Agaric Fly for Incense Twin Pack

London-based footwear label Stepney Workers Club has moved beyond its usual releases to partner with Australian incense maker Agaric Fly. The resulting collaboration is a twin-pack of incense titled “FOS-FOT,” celebrating Stepney Workers Club’s “Freedom of Sport” and “Freedom of Thought” mantras.

Each of the packs features 14 hand-dipped incense sticks, with the scents designed to represent the concepts articulated by the chosen mantras. For the “Freedom of Sport” scent — designed to represent the physical and present — the incense combines Cassia, Oud and Vetiver to energise and stimulate positivity. The “Freedom of Thought” mantra is a reflection of the intagible and connected, so the incense blends ingredients — Ylang Ylang, Tagate and Moss — to promote calm and to reconnect the subconscious with its surroundings.

The twin pack of “FOS-FOT” incense is available now from the Stepney Workers Club web store, with each pack priced t £15 GBP (approximately $20 USD).

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