Steve Irwin’s son in terrifying encounter with croc baring razor-sharp teeth

Robert Irwin has had a terrifying encounter with a crocodile while feeding the beast at a zoo.

The 17-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin, the legendary Crocodile Hunter, got slightly too close for comfort with a massive reptile inside Australia Zoo on Wednesday, January 13.

Posting the clip on Instagram, Robert said: "Bluey the croc putting on a big strike!

"There’s nothing quite like getting to experience the power of these modern-day dinosaurs, it’s such a privilege!"

He is seen holding what seems to be a dead bird as he carefully approaches from the edge of the pool in the reptile enclosure.

Robert lowers the food closer to the ground when, suddenly, the giant beast launches itself from the water to the land.

With its mouth open wide, the fearsome creature seems determined to take a chunk out of Robert's leg.

But the wildlife conservationist jumps out of the way just in time and drops the food to the hungry crocodile.

The video has been more than 800,000 times since being posted to Instagram, where viewers were both petrified and amazed at how similar Robert is to his dad.

"Not gonna lie, my heart skipped a beat there," one wrote.

Another commented: "Ooops, that was scary. But good to see that you are on your father footsteps and fulfilling his dreams."

And a third said: "You look so much like your dad right there! Nice crocodile feeding."

Robert has dedicated his young life to helping carry on the work that his father started – raising awareness for environmental and conservation causes.

He was only two years old when Steve tragically passed away in 2006.

The famed wildlife expert was killed when a stingray barb pierced his heart while filming episodes of his television series, The Crocodile Hunter.

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