Student crowdfunds for breast reduction as 34J cleavage is 'ruining' her life

A student who says her 34J breasts are ‘ruining’ her life has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for a reduction.

Law student Amber Roach has a cleavage that weighs more than a stone.

The 20-year-old says her breasts cause her ‘agony’ and have stopped her playing the sports she loves.

On top of that, Amber endures crude shouting and comments from strangers on a regular basis.

‘I endure emotional stress as people naturally stare, point or ask me if they are real and some people shout sexual and derogatory comments on the street or worse,’ Her GoFundMe page reads:.

‘I do not want this negative attention.’ 

She’s now crowdfunding in the hopes of raising £5,000 for a breast reduction when, after first being denied the procedure and then remeasured, the NHS ultimately ‘cancelled’ her referral process in the midst of the pandemic.

‘Everyone always thinks of big boobs as a good thing and I know, in so many ways, I am blessed,’ Amber, who hails from Watford, told The Sun.

‘But the truth is they are ruining my life.’

Amber also said she struggles to be taken seriously by men in particular ‘because they are just talking to my boobs all the time’.

‘But men are the last reason I am doing this,’ she added.

‘I need to be able to live a normal life before I can even think about a bloke.’

The former country-level athlete is no longer able to enjoy sports either.

She said: ‘I was always sport mad. I used to play county netball at school.

‘I loved football, rugby, trampolining and athletics 1,500m and 400m. But it is now three years since I have been able to run and even then I had to wear two bras and tuck in my arms.

‘It’s so frustrating because I can’t have the stress release of sport.’

Amber has been having physiotherapy since she was a teen with E-cup breasts, and has been given the stark warning that she could need a wheelchair if her lower back continues to be strained the way it is now.

On her GoFundMe page, she writes that she’s been looking for help for five years, and crowdfunding is her ‘last resort’.

The page reads: ‘I am 20 years old and find myself already struggling with mundane tasks.

‘I am hoping to get a reduction on the basis that my back is in constant agony. It has to support the extra 1.1stone on my chest.

‘This causes the bottom half of my back to slowly wear away whilst my upper back is overworking, which has caused an imbalance in my posture.

‘I was told by my physio in 2014 that if I do not follow an exercising routine for my back, that I will have severe issues before my 40s.

‘I have recently contacted my Doctor addressing my pain and I now frequently take paracetamol, Naproxen and Codeine all day every day. This is not healthy.’

At the time of writing, Amber has raised close to £804.

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