Super Netball delays season, slashes pay

Super Netball players will take two weeks leave and then a 70 per cent pay cut for three more weeks as the league deals with the new season being pushed back until at least June 30.

The league and the Australian Netball Players' Association announced the agreement on Saturday, which will see the players take leave and then go on three weeks of 'active rest' while being paid for only seven hours per week.

Further cuts could be needed should the season be pushed back further.

The Super Netball league is the latest code to announce drastic pay cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic. Credit:AAP

All training partners, players just off the main rosters, will still receive full pay of $3500 for the season while the league will also help those players seek additional work.

The decision comes just over a month after a new two-season pay agreement came into effect for all Super Netball players, including raising the minimum wage past $30,000 plus benefits and the salary cap rise of 8.65 per cent.

Super Netball officials are also reviewing their options for starting with the new season, which was meant to begin on May 2, depending on how many months the coronavirus pandemic lasts so the potential start date of June 30 may be changed.

Super Netball chief executive Chris Symington said the league appreciated the players doing their bit.

"These are difficult and unprecedented times, not only in netball but right across the world," Symington said.

"In a less than ideal situation, our players have shown maturity and understanding throughout these discussions and we're pleased to have reached an outcome for the near future.

"The league has put measures in place to ensure that all players have wellbeing support during this time, and, over the next five weeks, we will have further discussions with the ANPA to determine any further changes to conditions that might need to be made."

ANPA chief executive Kathryn Harby-Williams said the players recognised the impact the pandemic was having across the world.

"Our sport is not immune," Harby-Williams said.

"Over the past few days we have endured some of our most difficult times when faced with the harsh reality of an uncertain future.

"We fully understand we need to play our role to enable netball to get through these bleak times, hence we have agreed to take a pay cut.

"Our game has worked really hard to continue to increase the minimum wage and allow players to be contracted for 12-month periods, but the brutal truth is that our minimum wage is $30,000 per annum and this pay reduction will be severely felt.

"However, we know we are not alone and many others throughout our community are suffering.

"On a positive note, the players feel well supported and are particularly grateful that the sport has introduced a wellbeing taskforce to help them through this extraordinary period.

"We look forward to getting to the other side to do what we do best – and that is play the game we love."

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