Teen Mom Ashley Jones calls Jenelle Evans and husband ‘f***ing swamp creatures’ after claiming couple’s ‘racist’ – The Sun

TEEN Mom: Young & Pregnant star Ashley Jones fired back at Jenelle Evans and David Eason after racist claims.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star shared a video earlier this week explaining why she didn't address the death of George Floyd and it left Ashley, as well as a few other MTV stars, furious.

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Ashley took to Instagram to slam Jenelle again after the fired Teen Mom 2 star tagged her in a photo of the two exchanging messages back in 2019.

Jenelle wrote that Ashley was "completely 2-faced" and asked when did "things go south?"

Ashley said in a video responding to Jenelle: "So you can post messages from 2019 acting like we’re all cool.

"But b***h, you sit by your husband while he talks a ton of s**t about women, race, LGBTQ, every f******g thing, immigration, all under the mother f*****g book, b****h, you sit right by that motherf****r's side when he talks that motherf*****g s**t."

She continued: "And then you have the audacity to get on here and say ‘oh everybody hates me and that’s why I’m not speaking on this situation.'

"B****h, f**k you! You're the b***h that I'm talking about, you're the b***h that follows a motherf****r off the freeway, pulls a gun on them f**ks up their s**t and then calls and lies to the police.

"You're the b**ch that says 'I have a black friend, I can't be racist.' No b**ch let me tell you something, anytime I say anything, I'm a black n****r monkey b***h, anytime Cheyenne address this, she's a black n****r monkey b***h, Kail was called a n****r lover, Lexi was called a n****r lover, and we all stand on what we stand for.

"We all spoke up for what's right b****h, so take that scripted a** thing and rewrite it and come back and tell it to a b***h that isn't going to peep that bulls**t."

Ashley continued: "And you can say 'Oh I'm not racist'…at the end of the day, you don't even have the balls to get on here and say anything about how you feel since you feel so strongly about 'it.'

"What is 'it'?

"You don't even have the nerve to say his name, b***h…you said 'it.'

"So I know you're not at the swamp acting up.

"I know you're not telling David to be racist and not to be homophobic and not to be every f*****g thing that he is.

"B***h, I know you're one in the same, that's why he's your husband bitch that's why ya'll over there on the swamp creatures b***h, you must have woke up on the wrong side of the f*****g bed don't at me shit else b***h."

On Tuesday, Jenelle took to Instagram to explain why she hadn't talked about George Floyd on her platforms since she claims she's a "social media influencer."

She said: "I'm not racist by any means and I do not condone what that police officer did to George Floyd. And I'm very sorry that happened.

"With that being said, I would like for all the racist comments to stop being sent to inbox and I'd appreciate it if you guys stopped calling me a racist because I haven't spoke out yet."

Following Jenelle's explanation, Ashley took to Instagram to slam her statement.

She wrote: "Girl, you and your husband both are some punk b**ch a** racist h*es.

"Just saying, what's the point in making a whole explanation video 'cause we know you lying."

Ashley's baby daddy, Bariki Smith, also chimed in and wrote on Twitter: "'While you guys are destroying your precious cities…'

"Shut that s**t up, you just ain't spoke up cause you are a racist and David's racist b**ch a** gone kick you [off] the land if you speak up.

"F**k you and what you stand for."

In the midst of Jenelle and Ashley's feud, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd shared their thoughts on Jenelle.

Kailyn wrote: "Everything is everyone else's fault. She is always telling someone else to change their attitude."

Cheyenne commented on Ashley's post: "I have a black friend I am not racist."

Following Ashley and Bariki's comments, Jenelle took to Instagram again to clarify her stance on George Floyd's death.

She told the camera: "So there's a lot of articles being written about me and what I had to say about the situation that's occurring right now, the George Floyd situation.

"And I still don't think it's right that it happened. Again, sorry it happened but I want to show my DM's and what people are saying to me and you guys can form your own opinions on that."

However, despite Jenelle's claims, David is no stranger to accusations of racism.

Recently, Jenelle had to defend him after fans claimed he was racist.

She said during an interview: "He doesn't have any problems with gay people. He's not racist."

She continued: "He's actually grown up around the black community crowd. [They are] his best friend.

"His best friend that he still talks to right now lives in Florida and he's black, and that's his childhood best friend.

"So, he's not racist at all."

In late 2018, David shared a picture of himself holding a confederate flag.

He captioned the photo: "Just planting my flag in all 50 states!"


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