Teen Mom fans accuse Jenelle Evans of getting secret plastic surgery after she looks unrecognizable in new video

TEEN Mom fans have accused Jenelle Evans of getting secret plastic surgery after the star looked unrecognizable in a new video.

The 28-year-old got her social media followers talking as they discussed whether she'd gone under the knife.

Jenelle appeared on her Instagram stories filming from her backyard as the family enjoyed a BBQ by the pool.

The mom-of-three explained: "It's really, really hot out here, so I have a bikini on."

Jenelle, who is married to husband David Eason, had her hair scrapped back in a bun as she squinted her eyes from the sunshine.

Commenting on her appearance, one Reddit user said: "What is happening to her face😂".

One joked: "The swamp is literally melting her".

"It looks like she might have went a bit heavy on the forehead botox…" said another observer.

"It can make your brow look, well.. heavy."

While others put the change down to the 'pixie dust' filter being used by the star.

One explained: "Its just a shitty filter lol."

Teen Mom fans have had a lot to say about the reality star recently, with her husband being slammed for stabbing a knife between his fingers.

It all kicked off when Jenelle took to her Instagram story to share a clip of David sitting in front of her while they both listened to music.

However, the following video showed David, 32, narrowly missing his fingers as he stabbed a knife between them in what is known as the knife game.

At one point it seems like the fired MTV star nicks his finger as a drop of blood begins to form on one of them.

People were not happy at all with the clip as they took to the Reddit comments section to respond.

One person wrote: "What a stupid thing to do," while another chimed in with, "Do they have health insurance for if he cuts his finger off?"

Another follower added: "They are both so dull and boring yet think the complete opposite of themselves."

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