Tesla raises Model S and X prices $5,000

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Tesla has increased the base price of its redesigned Model S and Model X vehicles by $5,000 in the U.S.

The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range versions of the sedan and SUV are now listed with starting prices of $84,990 and $94,990, respectively, not including any delivery fees.

No reason was given for the change. Tesla sells its cars at a fixed no-haggle price and uses price adjustments rather than the kinds of incentive programs typical in the auto industry to react to market conditions.

Tesla delivered 1,890 of the new Model S cars in the second quarter globally, but isn't believed to have commenced production of the new Model X.

Just before the first Model S deliveries were made in June, the automaker raised the price of the top of the line Model S Plaid by $10,000, but said it would honor the original price for anyone who had already placed an order.


Prices for the lower end Model 3 and Model Y have also been on the rise in recent months, which CEO Elon Musk suggested was due to "supply chain pressure" brought on by the shortage of semiconductors and other components currently affecting the automotive industry.

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