The 6 Best Airbrush Makeup Kits

Sometimes, a makeup brush just doesn’t blend your makeup right. If you’re looking to take your makeup game to new heights, investing in an airbrush makeup system will help you achieve flawless results instantly. Designed to give your skin a soft-focused, imperfection-filtering finish, the best airbrush makeup kits use advanced technology to distribute a weightless and controlled ultra-fine mist, which evenly wraps your face and body in the cosmetics product of your choice using the utmost precision. This technique prevents your makeup from sinking into your pores or accentuating unwanted texture, making airbrushed makeup ideal for blurring the appearance of everything from pores and acne to fine lines and scars.

For some, airbrush makeup helps them achieve their desired glam without requiring several layers of product. But if preferred, airbrush makeup systems can offer the same customizable and buildable sheer-to-full coverage as your trusty makeup brushes or beauty sponges. The best airbrush makeup kits also come equipped with several beauty products, including foundation, blush, bronzer and highlight, plus primers and setting sprays to ensure that your skin is perfectly prepped and locked in for long-lasting results.

Below, explore the best airbrush makeup kits that deliver professional-level results.

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Temptu Air Airbrush Starter Kit

Boasting a cordless design that allows for maximum flexibility, precision and control, the Temptu Air Airbrush Starter Kit uses the brand’s Atomized Airflow Technology to create a smooth and even micro-fine mist that instantly enhances the look of your skin using three spray levels. The kit comes with the travel-friendly Temptu Air device and a foundation Air Pod, which delivers a soft-matte, pore-refining and radiance-boosting finish and offers more coverage than average formulas.

Temptu Air Airbrush Starter Kit$195Buy Now

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Equipped with all of your makeup essentials, including foundation, blush, bronzer and highlight, the Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System delivers professional-level results with its innovative ultra-fine mist system. Stocked with the brand’s Mini Airbrush Compressor and Precision Single-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush, the device performs with the utmost precision and control to create a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow. The set also includes six foundations ranging across the fair and medium categories, the Tropical Bronzer, Pink Papaya Blush, an antiaging moisturizing primer, an airbrush cleaning solution and a carrying bag to comfortably and chicly house your kit. For deeper skin tones, you can get the foundations in the shade ranges Tan and Dark separately.


Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System$100Buy Now

Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System

Designed to deliver long-lasting and skin-perfecting results, the Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System erases the look of discoloration and unwanted texture with its advanced full-throttle Stylus, which distributes an ultra-fine mist that evenly covers your face and camouflages the look of everything from acne, enlarged pores and dark spots to fine lines, dark circles and scars. Each product is made up of a water-based formula to ensure a dewy, radiant glow and prevent your glam from looking creased or caked on. The set includes the Basic Airbrush System, the no-mess Stylus, an AC adapter, four bottles of the Silk 4-in-1 Foundation, one bottle of Primer/Moisturizer, one bottle of the Skin Brightening Glow and one bottle of Blush.

Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System$334Buy Now

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System

Perfect for beginners and professional makeup artists looking to expand their kit, the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System includes a master set of 17 foundation shades, ensuring that all the basics are covered. In addition to providing the brand’s full collection of foundation, the set also comes with four crème concealers, six beauty sponges for touch-ups, an antiaging primer for prep, a finishing spray to set and an airbrush cleaner. But of course, the real stars of the kit are the three airflow-setting Airbrush Compressor and Cosmetic Airbrush, which features a dual-action trigger to create fine-tuned precision sprays for flawless results.

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System$140Buy Now

MagicMinerals Deluxe AirBrush Foundation by Jerome Alexander Set

For those looking for an airbrushed finish without the use of devices and tools, the MagicMinerals Deluxe AirBrush Foundation by Jerome Alexander Set delivers the same professional results with its expertly engineered spray foundation. Offering a fast-drying, even and ultra-fine mist, this innovative foundation prevents creasing, smudging and running while minimizing the appearance of pores, wrinkles and unwanted texture for a soft-focus filtered look. The set includes the Liquid Silk Primer to prep the skin, the Airbrush Foundation and the AirFinish Setting Spray, plus two makeup brushes for touch-ups.

MagicMinerals Deluxe AirBrush Foundation by Jerome Alexander Set$59Buy Now

Mineral Air 4-Piece Complexion Starter Kit

Available in 11 shades that cater to a variety of undertones, the Mineral Air 4-Piece Complexion Starter Kit creates an ultra-fine mist using the Touchless Application device, which is a compact and portable device that evenly covers your face without the mess, smudging and caking of traditional formulas and makeup brushes. The set also comes with the brand’s Four-in-One Mineral Foundation, a weightless, skin-perfecting and long-wearing formula that imparts the skin with a silky-smooth and radiant glow for up to 10 hours.

Mineral Air 4-Piece Complexion Starter Kit$150Buy Now

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