The AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask Offers a Better Understanding of Respiratory Health

Stepping in to innovate what is possible with personal protective equipment, AirPop has developed what it has dubbed the “world’s first smart air wearable.” The Active+ Smart Mask with Halo sensor was created to offer wearers a better understanding of their respiratory health. By bridging the gap between outside air and internal respiration, the mask captures breathing-related data and correlates that information with real-time data about air quality and location. The biometric data can be used to accurately alert a wearer when they need to replace their mask’s filter which blocks 99 percent of PM0.3 including dust, allergens, particulate matter and microbial particles.

Perfect for both sports and everyday use, the built-in Halo sensor works with the AirPop app, developed with frog design, to offer a visual overview of a wearer’s breathing behavior, breathing cycles and even the pollutants that the mask has blocked during use. The optional “Active Mode” even tracks metrics like breaths per minute, breaths per pace and more essential fitness information for athletes. Connecting to Android or iOS devices through Bluetooth, all data captured on the AirPop app can be shared to fitness apps to see breathing data alongside other collected health data.

The washable Active+ Smart Mask that holds the filter core is crafted with a 60-degree sealing, medical-grade soft touch membrane with a 3D dome structure for improved breathability and comfort. Paired with a Halo sensor powered by a coin-cell battery that lasts six months, AirPop’s latest mask offering is an important innovative outlook in personal protective equipment for now and the future.

Priced at £150 GBP (approximately $205 USD), the Active+ Halo Smart Mask with four 40 hour filters is set to be available on AirPop’s website and at select retailers sometime this February.

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