The Schitt's Creek Cast Hilariously Argue Over Who Cried Most During the Final Season

The cast of Schitt’s Creek recently appeared on the cover of Variety as part of their farewell to the show and took a trip down memory lane in the process. Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Annie Murphy recalled how the show would’ve been sold to NBC had it not been for the name. An executive passed on the show because they hated the name, with Dan Levy referencing how they were “going to get letters!” Eventually, the Levys went through a phone book and highlighted all the Schitts in order to show CBC (which they eventually sold the show to) that Schitt was in fact a real last name.

There was also some contention over who did and did not cry about the final episodes and read-throughs. Dan Levy admitted that he “was crying throughout the whole experience.” Murphy (in her own words) was a “gosh-darned professional” and said “it made Dan so angry” because she wasn’t crying. O’Hara couldn’t help but chime in that Murphy “cried so many times in the makeup trailer.” Eugene Levy finished the faux argument, saying that “the oddest thing is that there’s nothing emotional about the final episode.” Check out the full clip above in order to see just how much like a family the cast really are, and get ready to say a final goodbye to the Roses.

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