The Windsors: Endgame Review: A panto version of the Channel 4 TV series

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The Royal Family has become immune to parodies from Spitting Image to Mike Bartlett’s Charles III so this will be water off a mallard’s back to them.

But they might have been more amused if the writers Bert Tyler-Moore and the late George Jeffrie (who died shortly after completing the script) hadn’t aimed for the easy targets.

With a plot that involves Charles becoming King after the Queen’s abdication, Camilla’s insistence on a return to feudal society and Andrew’s little problem with A Man Called Epstein it has been updated but downgraded.

Well dressed in regard to sets and costumes this has a couple of highlights – a well-choreographed Matrix-style fight between Meghan (Crystal Condie) and Kate (Kara Tointon) and Camilla’s song Diana delivered by Tracy-Ann Oberman in full Wicked Witch of the Windsors-by-marriage mode. These moments aside, it’s witless drivel.

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