This is why Kelly Clarkson’s ex didn’t want to have more kids

Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock, in June 2020. According to People, the couple married in October 2013, after meeting at “a rehearsal for the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2006.” Blackstock is a music manager who reportedly has two children, a daughter named Savannah and a son named Seth, from a previous marriage. He and Clarkson welcomed a daughter named River Rose in 2014 and a son named Remington Alexander in 2016.

The breakup news comes as a surprise, especially considering how happy the Clarkson-Blackstock brood seemed on social media. During the coronavirus pandemic, the family hunkered down at its ranch in Montana, and Blackstock made occasional appearances on Clarkson’s Instagram. Alas, it seems that just because both parties are committed to parenting together doesn’t mean the marriage is working. While things looked good outwardly, Clarkson actually might have dropped a clue several weeks ago about some relationship conflict pertaining to family planning. 

Keep reading to find out why Clarkson said her ex didn’t want more kids.

Kelly Clarkson has 'baby fever'

Kelly Clarkson virtually interviewed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay for The Kelly Clarkson Show in May 2020. Like a moment out of The Lion King, Ramsay proudly held up his 1-year-old son, Oscar, for the camera, and Clarkson legitimately lost her mind. (To be fair, little Oscar might be the cutest baby ever.)

When Clarkson saw Oscar, she gasped: “Oh my gosh, do not do this to me. I so want another child and my husband is like, ‘No, we have four!'” She then added, “I want to eat your baby!”

A few minutes later, Clarkson saw Oscar again. “I have baby fever!” she exclaimed. “You get baby fever when you see them and you’re like: ‘Oh, I miss the chubby little legs and the little face.'”

Clarkson’s burst of baby fever may indicate a change-of-heart, considering she’s been vocal in the past about how difficult her pregnancies were. In 2017, she told the Elvis Duran Show: “I’m so glad I never have to be pregnant again.” She added, “Geez, I’m glad my tubes are gone.”

Neither Clarkson nor Blackstone have said that differing views on family planning played a role in their split, but considering her comments, that may have been a source of tension for the couple.

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