Thomas Muller's wife shares heartwarming video of their three-legged dog running after losing limb to cancer

THOMAS MULLER'S wife, Lisa, has shared a heartwarming video of their three-legged dog running after losing a limb to cancer.

The German dressage rider, 30, posted the sweet video of pet pooch, Micky, bounding around the garden.

But the scene was made all the more tear-jerking after Lisa revealed Micky had recovered from life-threatening bone cancer.

She captioned the sweet clip: "From one second to the next Micky went very lame, we went straight to the X-ray clinic.

"Then the shock message: BONE CANCER.

"Then fear and wait for the results of whether metastases have already formed in your body.

"But you were lucky.

"On the MRI all was well, but the leg had to be removed.

"But Micky is a fighter and can't be beaten! He can run so great right after waking up!

"We are so proud of you, little mouse."

Thomas and Lisa met in 2006 and were married by 2009.

And their bond was strengthened by their shared love of animals.

Germany ace Muller, 30, famously has a horse… called Dave.

Lisa owns her own stables – and Muller calls himself the managing director of carrots there, because Bayern Munich ban him from risking injury by doing any riding.

Muller regularly attends events Lisa's dressage events and and loves spending time with Dave.

He once revealed: "I come here to watch if everything's fine.

"And for the carrots. I'm the managing director of carrots!

"I watch the dogs. Sometimes I help a little bit but it's her business.

"I enjoy it a lot. They make me feel comfortable, the attitude and what they look like and [the way they] live their lives.

It's fun. It's easy to relax around horses."

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