Travelers caught with throwing stars, other bladed weapons at Boston Logan Airport

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Throwing stars aren’t meant for the friendly skies.

Sometimes, it can be a bit confusing figuring out whether an item is ok to bring on a plane or whether it needs to be put in a checked bag. According to the TSA, some travelers in Boston attempted to bring a variety of sharp weapons on a plane, including at least one throwing star.

The TSA New England Twitter account shared images of the confiscated items, which also includes a variety of knives. The tweet doesn’t mention whether or not these items all came from one group of travelers or not.

The tweet states, “Let’s get straight to the point…these items are not allowed in your carry-on bag. Some passengers found that out this weekend when TSA officers at Boston Logan Airport detected these sharp objects. Sheathe these items and put them in your checked bag please!”

These are not the only unusual weapons recently discovered by TSA officers.

Authorities arrested a man at Newark Liberty International Airport when he was caught attempting to sneak a gun past security, reports. According to the news outlet, the small weapon was packed in a case within the man’s suitcase and was reportedly designed to look like a belt buckle.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that the gun was functional. The man reportedly claimed that he had forgotten that he had packed the item in his luggage.

In a statement obtained by, TSA Federal Security Director for New Jersey Thomas Carter said, “Claiming to forget that you have a gun with you is inexcusable. If you own a gun you need to know where it is at all times. Each of these individuals now faces a stiff federal financial penalty that could cost them thousands of dollars.”

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