Trent Reznor Joins TOBACCO for Gritty New Single "Babysitter"

Electronic music producer TOBACCO enlisted Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor for his brand new single “Babysitter,” set to appear on his upcoming album Hot, Wet & Sassy.

The two-minute cut hears a gritty fusion of drums and synths, with Reznor’s vocals transformed into sinister robotic-sounding proclamations. There’s a calm between the storm about halfway through the track that replaces the edgy instrumentals with soft bass riffs and gentle high-pitched synths before the track re-enters the eye of the storm.

Hot, Wet & Sassy marks TOBACCO’s followup to 2016’s Sweatbox Dynasty, and is “the most I’ve been able to refine what I’m doing.” He adds, “For the past decade I’ve had this motherfxcker on my shoulder that makes me pick away at structure and melody. Purposely covering up moments because I can. That really came to a peak on Sweatbox. So I wanted the opposite this time. Write the songs without ripping them in half.”

Stream TOBACCO and Trent Reznor’s “Babysitter” on Spotify and Apple Music below. Hot, Wet & Sassy drops October 30 via Ghostly International.

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