Watch Danny Trejo and Eric Koston Ride Around LA for The Berrics' Series “Do a Kickflip!”

Actor Danny Trejo and pro skateboarder Eric Koston teamed up for the latest installment of The Berrics‘ series “Do a Kickflip!”

In the video, Trejo rides around Los Angeles with Koston convincing ordinary skaters to “do a kickflip” in exchange for merchandise and prizes. The two L.A. legends met several interesting characters who were up to the task before ending their joyride at Trejo’s Tacos.

Trejo’s appearance on the skate-themed series comes ahead of the release of  OlliOlli World on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch on February 8. In the adventure skating game, Trejo plays a character that loosely bears his likeness.

Check out the full episode of “Do a Kickflip!” above, and check out The Berrics for more skate news.

In case you missed it, Eric Koston was named as Creative Director for Swag Golf.
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