Who Is Abigail Heringer On Matt James’ 2021 ‘The Bachelor’ Season?

  • Abigail Heringer made a big impression on Matt James in tonight’s season premiere of The Bachelor.
  • Abigail was born deaf and wears cochlear implants for her hearing impairment.
  • She’s an accomplished golfer and works as a financial manager.

It’s 2021 and with it comes The Bachelor right on schedule. Season 25 with leading man Matt James premieres Jan. 4. He’s making history as the first Black Bachelor and has a record number of women vying for his heart.

Among the 32 bachelorettes cast, only one can win the coveted first impression rose. It takes more than an OTT entrance to make this Bachelor swoon, ladies.

According to legendary Bachelor spoilers blogger Reality Steve and host Chris Harrison, keep your eye on Abigail Heringer, 25, who is poised to become a fan favorite.

Get to know the Oregon native who’s stealing Matt’s heart.

Abigail is a proud Oregonian.

She joined the Bachelor franchise from Portland, Oregon, but she grew up in Beaverton, Oregon. She’s a big fan of her home state, according to her ABC bio.


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“Abigail is a beautiful soul from the Pacific Northwest who says that nothing makes her happier than enjoying a cold local microbrew on a beautiful Oregon day.”

Abigail works as a client financial manager.

Abigail is a financial manager at the Opus Agency. She’s been working in the industry since she graduated from Linfield College in 2017 with a B.S. in finance. She was furloughed from her job, giving her time for the application process (which included a background check, a psychological exam, and medical testing) and filming.

Matt is a real estate broker and entrepreneur, so their career paths have some common ground.

Abigail applied for The Bachelor on a whim and opened up about her disability.

In her application, Abigail included info about her lifelong hearing impairment. “I was surprised she was willing to share her story about her hearing loss,” her mom Suzie Heringer told the Statesman Journal. “It’s something she usually doesn’t talk much about.” She added: “With her disability, if that can impact one other person, it’s worth sharing the story.”

Abigail has had cochlear implants since she was two years old. “Having a hearing impairment never stopped Abigail from living her life to the fullest,” according to her ABC bio.

Abigail is close to her family.

Her parents still live in her hometown, and she has three siblings, per Statesman Journal. “She loves being outdoors, and when she’s not working, she loves to spend time with family whom she says bring out the best side of her,” according to her bio.

Abigail’s into hiking and sharing all the gorgeous views on the ‘gram.


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Abigail lives with her older sister Rachel, who’s an account manager for an insurance company in Portland, the Statesman Journal reported. Her dad, Weston Heringer III, works as a pediatric dentist.


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She also has two younger brothers. Alistair is a freshman at Oregon State University, and Stuart is a high school senior who attends Shattuck-St. Mary’s in Minnesota.

Abigail is an accomplished golfer, among other interests.

She’s no slouch on the fairway and “loves to spend her free time golfing with her grandparents.” In fact, Abigail competed and almost won the state championship in 2013when she was a senior in high school.


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And, she’s a big Calvin Harris fan, “because his beats slap.” It’s hard to argue with that.

Overall, she seems pretty chill. “Abigail is easygoing, laid-back, always down to have fun and ready to find the man of her of her dreams,” per her bio. “Abigail’s favorite way to approach a guy is by ‘accidentally bumping into them.'” It sure seems like that tactic paid off with Matt on night one.

Abigail’s mom sent her off for filming with wise advice.

Her family supported her, but didn’t have high expectations for the process. “I jokingly told her to remember her grandparents will be watching. I know that will stick with her,” Abigail’s mom told Statesman Journal. “To be honest. I don’t think this is a great way to meet your forever person.”


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SPOILER ALERT: Abigail gets the first impression rose.

Abigail and Matt hit it off on night one, and he gives her the very first bloom, according to Reality Steve. “One who was born deaf and has a cochlear implant wins his admiration, but will she garner the coveted first impression rose?” per a press release from ABC.

Reality Steve has high hopes for Abigail. “She will no doubt be a fan favorite.” She doesn’t end up with the final rose, though. Abigail is sent home before hometowns, according to Steve’s spoiler intel.

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