Woman, 23, who wore painful waist trainer every day is now a size 10

Woman who wore a waist trainer to hide her 15st figure that left her in so much pain she couldn’t eat or sit down reveals how she lots 5st after discovering the keto diet on social media

  •  At her heaviest, Rebecca Bennett-Formstone, 23, from Coventry weighed 15st
  •  Tried several diets and wore waist trainer which she couldn’t sit down or eat in
  •  In last ditch attempt to lose weight before wedding to James, 26, she tried keto
  • She lost two stone in two months and continued after wedding, losing total of 5st

A young woman who once wore a painful waist trainer in a bid to hide her figure is now a slinky size 10 after starting the keto diet.

Rebecca Bennett-Formstone, 23, from Coventry, became so embarrassed of her 15st figure, that she bought a waist trainer to try and hide her frame.

She wore the corset during meals out or at work and when it became so painful that she couldn’t eat or sit down, she started the low-carb ketogenic diet in a last-ditch attempt to slim down for her wedding last year.

After starting on the keto diet as a last attempt to lose weight, when the waist trainer became too uncomfortable to wear, she lost an impressive five stone and is now a slinky size 10. Pictured wearing a slim fitting dress on holiday in Madeira

At her biggest Rebecca Bennett-Formstone, 23, from Coventry, weighed 15st and she would often wear a waist trainer to help shape her figure. Pictured on holiday wearing a waist trainer

She decided enough was enough and tried the diet in an attempt to slim down for her wedding last year to now husband James, 26

The brunette stuck to the diet and has since dropped five stone.

Clothing business owner Rebecca said: ‘I bought a waist trainer because I was told it would give me amazing curves and I began to wear it because I felt so self conscious of my own frame.

‘I’d wear it two or three times a week – when I’d go out for a nice meal or under my work uniform – but it was so tight I felt like I couldn’t sit down and I wanted to take it off after 30 minutes.

‘I didn’t notice my weight as much until I got engaged and then I became more conscious that I was going to have to wear a big wedding dress if I didn’t lose weight.

Rebecca’s transformation diet 


Breakfast – Big bowl of cereal, fruit loaf or teacake

Lunch – Subway baguette or chips

Dinner – Frozen oven-ready food

Snacks – Cake, donuts, chocolate, hot chocolate or sugary tea


Breakfast – Eggs with bacon or keto toast with cream cheese

Lunch – Low carb wrap with ham and cheese or chorizo

Dinner – Meat or fish and vegetables, such as cauliflower or swede mash

SnacksDark chocolate, quarter cup of strawberries or a cheese triangle

At her biggest, Rebecca would wear the waist trainer two or three times a week and it soon became painful, leaving her unable to sit or eat. Pictured: Now slim Rebecca with husband James

The clothing business owner would wear her waist trainer to work and when she went out to eat as she was extremely self-conscious about her weight and someone told her it would give her curves. Pictured before, left, and after, right, her weight loss journey

The 23 year old said she did not notice her weight that much until she and James got engaged and she became more conscious about wearing her wedding dress. Pictured at the races before her dramatic weight loss

‘I heard about the keto diet on Pinterest and thought I’d try it because I had nothing to lose other than a bit of weight.

‘Within the first week I’d lost four pounds already and I was shocked that it was working for me when the other diets hadn’t.

‘Now I feel so confident and I can finally dress how I want without straining myself in a waist trainer.’

Rebecca began piling on the pounds in 2018, after feeling the need to snack constantly and treat herself to a Starbucks drink every day due to her retail job.

When she got engaged to now-husband James, 26, she tried to follow diets – but nothing was working.

She turned to waist trainers to help build her confidence but grew tired when they became unbearable and constantly left marks on her stomach.

The young woman said she was left in terrible pain while wearing the waist trainer and would want to take it off after just 30 minutes because it was so uncomfortable. The happy couple pictured on holiday together

Rebecca heard about the keto diet from Pinterest and decided to give it ago as a last resort and ended up losing four pounds within a week. Pictured before, left, and after, right, the weight loss

For her wedding day, Rebecca had to have her wedding dress taken in my one-and-a-half inches on the bust after losing a considerable amount of weight before the big day and now other items, including this watch, no longer fit her after she lost several stone

Rebecca said: ‘I always wanted to wear baggy clothes so I didn’t have to wear the waist trainer because if I wore anything tight, I would have to wear it, and then I couldn’t eat or sit down – it was horrible.

‘I wore it once or twice a week but as I got a bit bigger I had to stop because it became so unbearable, I could only wear it for three hours.’

Deciding enough was enough, Rebecca came across the keto diet and began to reduce her carbs and introduce more healthy fats to her diets, such as fish and nuts.

Rebecca managed to lose almost two stone in only two months, and had her wedding dress altered by an inch-and-a-half on the bust.

She said: ‘It was really quite quick – I didn’t expect to lose that much when I’d only wanted to slim up a little bit before my wedding.

‘I felt really confident on my wedding day, especially when it came to taking the photos because I didn’t feel like I had to tuck myself in to try and look tiny.’

Rebecca began piling on the pounds in 2018, after feeling the need to snack constantly and treat herself to a Starbucks drink every day due to her retail job. Pictured: Before, left, and after, right, the dramatic weight loss

Desperate to drop the weight she had gained, she tried every diet going, and finally decided to give keto where she found success. Pictured with now husband James before the weight loss

Rebecca was pleasantly surprised to find she had managed to lose almost two stone in only two months before her wedding and continued with the successful diet afterwards. Pictured before, left, and after, right, losing five stone

Rebecca has now continued to slim down on the keto diet, dropping five stone in less than a year, weighing a healthy 10st.

She also shares top tips with over 10,000 followers on her weight loss Instagram page.

She added: ‘I’ve got loads of energy now and I feel like I can’t do enough things, I’m also a lot more sharp.

‘My husband has always said he never remembers me looking like I did when I show him the ‘before’ photos, but he’s been really proud and supportive of my journey.

‘Before, it was so difficult to model my own clothing brand because I’d hate every picture I took for the website.

‘But now that I’ve slimmed down, I’ve gained the confidence to be able to do my job a lot more efficiently and I feel amazing.’

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