Woman freaked out after finding Doomsday message on wall in 150-year-old house

A woman has discovered a creepy message hidden under layers of wallpaper while renovating a 150-year-old Georgian house.

The comedy writer, who goes by the name @Loubobang, has been on a renovation project tearing down floorboards and walls in the house and found hidden secrets in different areas of the 19th century property.

In her latest video posted on TikTok, she said she wasn't easily spooked by finds like 'haunting' hidden cabinets or cellars.

As she points her camera towards the wall, she says: "But today is the first time I did feel a little bit edgy and that's because I've been stripping this wallpaper.

"There's about five layers of it before I can get to the original plaster.

"As I was scraping I uncovered some writing and I thought 'I wonder what that said'. So I scrapped away some more and it revealed 'September 10th Doomsday'."

Zooming in on the scribbles on the wall, the permanent marker writing simply shows as "Sept 10th DOOMSDAY".

The homeowner then explains: "The reason that's freaked me out is because September the 10th is my f***ing birthday and this is all just getting a little bit weird now."

Her viewers tried to comfort her by suggesting other meanings of the writings on the wall.

One wrote: "Sept 10, 1846 American inventor Elias Howe was granted patent for his sewing machine. You sure it's not Looms Day?"

Another commented: "Says 'Doors Day'? Builders having doors delivered innit."

"Whoever wrote this may've been Canadians…it's on this date in 1939, Mackenzie King the 10th Prime Minister of Canara, declares war on Germany."

Others were spooked and feared that it could be a warning of civilisation destruction in the future.

"Okay, sell house, move far away, change name. It should be fine," a viewer said and a second added: "Oh my God that's freaky stuff."

Lou did a quick search on predictions and replied: "Right I immediately demand to know what this means. There was no doomsday prediction for this date. Just chilling."

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