Woman praises £8.95 dermaplaning tool after years of hair removal

Woman who was teased over her dark ‘sideburns’ reveals how an £8.95 beauty tool has given her confidence after years of trying expensive hair removal treatments

  • Anna, 28, from West London, tried waxing and threading before dermaplaning 
  • Was left with smooth skin but couldn’t afford to keep up with pricey treatment 
  • Discovered DIY beauty tool The Hollywood Browzer which gets rid of facial hair 
  • Insisted that she no longer feels ‘different’ because of the dark hairs on her face 

A woman who was teased for years about the dark hair on her face says she’s found a ‘new inner confidence’ with the help of a £8.95 DIY beauty tool. 

Anna, 28, from West London, had ‘always felt self-conscious’ about her facial hair and sideburns, admitting that she would avoid wearing a ponytail because she was embarrassed about exposing her dark hairs. 

She spent years waxing and threading and eventually turned to expensive professional dermaplaning treatments, which left her skin smooth, but were difficult to keep up with financially. 

However after discovering The Hollywood Browzer on a shopping channel Anna was able to remove the ‘peach fuzz’ from her face at home, and said the device has left her with ‘a great glow’ and clear skin.  

Anna, 28, from West London, says she’s found a ‘new inner confidence’ with the help of a £8.95 DIY beauty tool 

Anna stumbled across The Hollywood Browzer watching a well-known TV shopping she decided to try it out. She is pictured before and after the treatment 

‘It might sound silly but I’ve discovered a new inner confidence’, said Anna , ‘Not having to worry about exposing my face is such a big relief to me, after all the years of being teased, I finally don’t feel “different” or “hairy”‘.    

Anna said the skin on her face is prone to pigmentation, and she didn’t want to risk scarring with a laser hair removal treatment. 

She explained: ‘I’m half Italian and have naturally olive skin, which unfortunately comes with having a lot of dark hair on both my body and face. 

‘Over the years I have tried all the hair removal methods under the sun to try and keep myself hair free, even laser. 

Anna told how her skin on her face is prone to pigmentation and she didn’t want to risk scarring with a laser hair removal treatment. She is pictured before and after the treatment

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin, including fine hairs.

The procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin’s surface look smooth.

Dermaplaning is safe for most people, with little risk of side effects when it’s performed by a certified dermatologist.

This procedure doesn’t require any time for recovery, which makes it extremely convenient. 

The most difficult part may be finding a trained provider who can administer this treatment.

Dermaplaning can typically cost between £150 and £250 each.

Dermatologists say this treatment is effective for people looking to make their skin appear more youthful, smooth, and bright, but results typically only last three weeks.

Source: Healthline 


‘However because my skin tans so easily and I love the sun, the skin on my face is super prone to pigmentation, and unfortunately laser is not an option for this part of my body, unless I want to risk scarring.

‘I’ve always been super self-conscious of my sideburns and the hair on the side of my face, even from school I remember getting picked on for having a hairy face and was even called a “gorilla” once by a boy in my class.’ 

Despite being comforted by her friends and family, Anna still felt conscious of her hairs and decided to undergo an expensive dermaplaning facial. 

The beauty tool features a durable stainless-steel blade that effortlessly removes even the shortest hairs 

‘Over the years I’ve tried waxing and threading, said Anna, ‘However I would often find myself having to go back every two weeks or so and the skin never felt fully smooth. 

‘I’ve always avoided tying my hair back whenever I can as I’m embarrassed to expose the hair on the side of my face. 

‘My friends and family say it’s not as noticeable as I think but it’s something that I always spot as soon as I look in the mirror. 

The Hollywod Browzer delivers dermaplaning benefits; it gently removes peach fuzz and exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells

‘I first discovered ‘dermaplaning’ when I went to get an expensive facial as it was part of the treatment. 

‘I was absolutely amazed at how much of the peach fuzz came off my face when they started softly scraping away, it was more than I’d ever seen from a waxing or threading appointment. 

When I left that day I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin felt and how completely hair free my face was, I was blown away. 

‘I went back a month later as advised, even though all my hair still hadn’t fully grown back, but I was hooked.

However the treatment was expensive and difficult to maintain, so when Anna stumbled across the product watching a well-known TV shopping she decided to try it out.  

She said: ‘I watched the demo and thought surely this couldn’t be the same as the in-salon treatment I’d been paying for but wanted to give it a go as it was only £8.95…so what did I have to loose! 

Speaking of the treatment, Anna  said: ‘Not only does it leave my skin fuzz-free but it also gives my skin an amazing exfoliation’ 

‘That was two years ago and I’ve been using the tool ever since. I can’t recommend this product enough, to anyone who is self-conscious about their facial hair especially. ‘ 

Speaking of the treatment, Anna went on: ‘Not only does it leave my skin fuzz-free but it also gives my skin an amazing exfoliation, scraping away the first dead layer of skin. 

‘I rarely suffer from break-outs anymore and I love the glow you are left with once you’ve used the Browzer across your face, you can really see the results instantly. 

‘If only I’d found this secret beauty gadget sooner…it would have saved me a lot of money, time and given a younger me a lot more confidence!’

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