Covid-19's hit on the mob: Mafia revenue falls foul of the virus

Covid-19’s hit on the mob: Mafia revenue mainstays including construction, restaurant extortion and illegal gambling have all fallen foul of the virus, losing them millions of dollars Cancellation of sports fixtures has wiped out millions in illegal gambling income The

Brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find the table tennis bat

Work-from-home puzzle challenges you to find the table tennis bat lost among the documents on a VERY messy desk – so, can you beat the 8.5-second record? Tricky graphic challenges the internet to discover the hidden table tennis bat Working

Strictly’s Ashley Roberts poses in rubber-look catsuit as she hosts live dancing sessions on Instagram during lockdown – The Sun

ASHLEY Roberts latex time out from her Heart Radio show to pose in a rubber-look cut-out catsuit. The American singer, 38, who was a contestant on Strictly in 2018, posted the snap on Instagram and urged her followers to join