8 Best Blenders 2020 | The Sun UK

CHOPPING onions ready for a stew and kneading dough to bake your favourite cake are thankless tasks, which is where a good blender or food processor comes in handy. The best blenders remove the need for elbow grease and will

Portland leaders plead for ‘moratorium’ on street violence as police targeted

Protesters have drawn national attention after setting a fire inside the Portland Police Association building Saturday night. Portland Police said around 10:45, protesters broke into the PPA’s building and almost immediately started a fire. The building on North Lombard Street is still covered with graffiti

Nurses give inside look at ‘nightmare’ NYC-run adult-care center

Out-of-state nurses brought to Manhattan to fight the coronavirus say they found hellish conditions at the city-run adult-care center on Roosevelt Island — from patients with horrific bed sores to feces-smeared walls. “It was just heartbreaking,” said one of the