NASA Mars helicopter survives cold Martian night in first step of historic endeavor

Originally Published by: Ketchup packets being sold on eBay Highly invasive Giant African Snails caught at JFK by customs agents Man becomes 'cowboy,' makes paper horse during Australian quarantine NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has cleared its initial hurdle before the first-ever attempt at powered and controlled flight

NASA successfully tests world's most powerful rocket

NASA plans to follow up exploration of Mars with moon mission Former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine weighs in on future of the space agency on ‘FOX News @ Night’ NASA successfully test-fired the core stage of its Space Launch System

NASA releases series of images showing climate change impact

NASA releases series of shocking satellite images showing how climate change is transforming our planet NASA shared more than 500 images showing the impact of climate change Some of the images also show the impact of human activity and development

NASA starts testing new Artemis spacesuits underwater

NASA starts testing new Artemis spacesuits underwater and challenges people to pack a bag for the lunar surface in preparation for of 2024 return mission to the Moon NASA is returning the first woman and next man to the lunar

NASA finds parts of another asteroid on asteroid Bennu

NASA has discovered something peculiar on the asteroid Bennu — bits of another asteroid. In a statement posted to its website, the government space agency said parts of the asteroid Vesta were discovered on Bennu, ranging in size from five