Quarantine hotels to be used for COVID-19 patients

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Victoria’s quarantine hotels will soon be used to house COVID-19 patients in a bid to free up beds in the state’s struggling hospitals, news that comes amid warnings that minimum nurse-to-patient

Avoid 10 days quarantine with two jabs

Avoid 10 days quarantine with two jabs: Fully-vaccinated people who come into contact with Covid carriers will be able to avoid self-isolation by taking daily tests under new plans Doubly-jabbed Britons would be exempt from self-isolation for 24-hour period after

Anthony Fauci reveals which activities he will and won't do now that he's vaccinated — and indoor restaurants are still a no

Dr. Fauci told Insider how his behavior has and has not changed after getting his COVID-19 vaccine. He hosts gatherings at home but still won’t go to crowded indoor places where people are maskless. Although the CDC now says vaccinated

French quarantine rules threaten to derail Six Nations

Six Nations still in doubt ahead of next weekend’s kick-off – with French quarantine rules threatening to derail entire Championship as arrivals from the UK must isolate for a week Six Nations will look very different this year but is

CDC to slash quarantine period in HALF from two weeks to seven days if you've been exposed to virus but test negative

THE CDC is set to slash the quarantine period in HALF from two weeks to seven days if you've been exposed to coronavirus but test negative. A senior administration official first revealed the news to the Associated Press on Tuesday.