Changemakers, Social Justice and What Comes Next

It’s been a year since the pandemic drove a reassessment of the fashion system, and more than six months since the latest iteration of the enormous Black Lives Matter protest movement swept through America and around the world. The fashion

Social media accounts feature Sylvanian Family in soap storylines

Sylvanian family drama! Bizarre social media trend features the dolls in soap-style storylines – including a cheating bear and an emotionally abusive cow (and thousands of fans are hooked) Baffling social media accounts document dramatic lives of Sylvanian Families  Soap

TikTok Mansions Are Publicly Traded Now

A business trying to make money off mansions full of TikTok influencers has gone public on the stock market through an unusual deal. It involves a former Chinese health care company, and if that sounds confusing, well, we can explain.

Report: Social media influencers push voting misinformation

CHICAGO — Social media influencers, partisan news outlets and even President Donald Trump’s son are driving the spread of online misinformation swirling around the U.S. vote, casting doubt on this year’s election and prematurely raising suspicions about the accuracy of

Concerns about lack of social housing spark homelessness warning

A sharp rise in homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic will be made worse by the federal budget's failure to directly invest in social housing, advocacy groups warn. Community Housing Industry Association of Victoria chief executive Lesley Dredge said the federal

TikTok calls for a social media coalition to curb harmful content

TikTok calls for coalition with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to end the ‘whack-a-mole’ approach to curbing the spread of suicide videos and other harmful content TikTok approached nine social firms over a memorandum of understanding   The firm approached Facebook, Google,