Donald Trump dubs Meghan McCain 'basically a lowlife' after claims The View 'slobs & radical left maniacs' bullied her

DONALD Trump has slammed Meghan McCain as "basically a lowlife" after she claimed she was "bullied" out of her job on The View. The 45th president made a scathing statement on Friday afternoon slamming the outspoken former host. "Isn't it

When is Trump going to the border?

DONALD Trump held his first rally since leaving the White House on Sunday, June 27, as he addressed a swarm of MAGA supporters in Ohio. At his rally, Trump ripped into President Joe Biden and branded his presidency a "complete

Conspiracy theory Trump 'will be reinstated in August' has Homeland Security 'highly concerned' of potential violence

THE wild theory that Donald Trump could be reinstated as president could spark violence from his supporters, Homeland Security chiefs fear. John Cohen, assistant secretary for counterterrorism, said claims the 2020 election was rigged and that Trump could seize back

Donald Trump Makes A Bold Statement About Biden-Putin Summit

Former President Donald Trump commented on his successor’s summit with President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Wednesday Night (via NY Post). Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity,” the former president said it was a “good day for Russia” and that he

Trump slams Biden over Mexico border crisis saying situation is 'worse than ever before' as migrant surge hits 20yr high

DONALD Trump slammed the Biden Administration over the surge of migrants crossing the border even as authorities have stopped more migrants last month than in the last 20 years. "Our recently secured southern border is now worse than ever before,"