Covid-19 cases were dropping BEFORE lockdowns were introduced

Covid-19 cases were dropping BEFORE lockdowns were introduced because encouraging people to stay at home curbed outbreaks, claims study of 25 of the worst-hit counties in the US John Hopkins University researchers in Baltimore, Maryland, looked at 25 counties worst-hit

Who were Dirty Den and Angie in EastEnders? Everything you need to know about their rollercoaster relationship

DIRTY Den Watts became one of soap’s most notorious villains and his rollercoaster relationship to alcoholic wife Angie broke UK viewing records.  With BBC One airing the classic two-hander between Den and Angie tonight (June 23) let’s take a look

NFL admit they were WRONG for their handling of Colin Kaepernick

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admits they were WRONG for ‘not listening’ to Colin Kaepernick’s protests against police brutality and that players can kneel from now on The NFL have admitted they were wrong for not listening to Colin Kaepernick Kaepernick

Why Do We Shop When We're Stressed?

You and your family are living, working and learning through a global pandemic. It’s decidedly a hard, confusing and stressful time to be alive right now. But, suppose you spy the brown box on your porch. You can’t remember what

Hares were almost TAMED 5,000 years ago

Hares were almost TAMED 5,000 years ago and learnt to live alongside people in China where they may have had spiritual significance Hares are an animal which has never been fully domesticated by humans Study shows hares did develop a

We’re Living in This Tank Top From Kim Kardashian’s Skims Line

Comfy clothes have always been a must for Us, and now is their time to really prove what they’re made of. And by “what they’re made of,” we’re talking about the softest, stretchiest, coziest materials around, obviously. There’s nothing like