Heres Why Mischa Barton Really Left The O.C.

Marissa Cooper is one of best remembered teen drama characters of the early 2000s. The character, played by actress Mischa Barton, had viewers of “The O.C.” both loving and hating her simultaneously as they tuned into the show each week,

Why Fans Are So Angry With Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers tends to create buzz for plenty of reasons. On the personal side, there’s his love life, which currently involves “Big Little Lies” actor Shailene Woodley, not to mention the ongoing feud with his family. As for his professional

What is Ethereum and why is the price going up?

THE price of Ethereum soared to a record high of $3,000 yesterday afternoon, in turn quadrupling its value in 2021. But what exactly is Ethereum and why is it going up in value? We explain what you need to know.

Why is Arthur Gunn back on American Idol?

A BRAND new show twist left American Idol fans reeling on May 2's episode of the series. The twist saw an old Idol face return to the stage. Why is Arthur Gunn back on American Idol? American Idol fans slammed