AJ recalls haunting moment girlfriend Abbie was screaming his name during terrifying fire accident

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AJ Pritchard has spoken about the horrifying moment that haunts him from girlfriend Abbie Quinnen’s burns accident.

The couple were filming a life hack to make a wine bottle into a vase when it went horribly wrong, blowing up into flames that engulfed Abbie and left her with third degree burns.

Speaking to Abbie about the terrifying accident on Lorraine on Tuesday, dancer AJ said: “The two main points for me are obviously when it happened and you were on the floor and screaming out for my name and I was trying to put the fire out is one point that haunts me all the time at the moment.”

He continued: “And the other time, when I saw you five days later coming out of hospital and getting out of the wheelchair all bandaged up and being yourself – well, you were very drugged up, so you weren’t making a lot of sense – but being able to hug you, because obviously I wasn’t allowed to go into hospital.”

The 23-year-old has been told she must avoid sunlight and wear a compression vest for two years while her skin recovers from the burns.

AJ, 26, admitted he was finding not being able to help his girlfriend tough: “For someone who’s a control freak, where I would do anything, but you can’t do anything about it, that’s the hardest thing.”

Since the accident in January, which happened while the couple were filming for AJ and his brother Curtis’ Instagram feed, Abbie has made around 20 visits to hospital.

They told Lorraine that they had received help and support from TV presenter Katie Piper, who suffered severe burns from a chemical attack, and AJ’s former Strictly Come Dancing co-star Claudia Winkleman who had to take time off from hosting the show in 2014 when her daughter’s Halloween costume caught fire.

Dancer Abbie said: “Talking to Claudia, I just couldn’t believe what her daughter went through, I think 14 operations, which is so horrible. I hated having three.”

AJ added that Claudia had been able to recommend some moisturising creams to help.

He also said that he had big plans for Abbie’s 24th birthday this month, saying it would be a “birthday month” of celebrations after everything she had been through.

Abbie said that she was feeling much better and Lorraine told her that there were barely any signs of the burns visible on her face.

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