Autumnwatch locations: Where is Autumnwatch 2021 filmed?

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Autumnwatch is a fan favourite on BBC Two and the 2021 series launches this evening, October 26. This year marks the show’s 16th series and the four-episode instalment will follow Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Megan McCubbin and Gillian Burke. has all you need to know about where the presenters will be this year.

Where is Autumnwatch 2021 filmed?

Autumnwatch 2021 will air live from across the UK, with different presenters covering different locations across the country.

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, whereas Gillian Burke will be at WWT Castle Espie on Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, Megan McCubbin will be based on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland.

The series will air daily at 8pm from Tuesday to Friday, October 29 and the episodes will be added to BBC iPlayer.

One thing fans love about the series is being able to tune into the live wildlife cameras.

They will be running every day on the Autumnwatch website, as well as the BBC’s YouTube and iPlayer accounts.

Viewers can watch the stunning wildlife between 10am and 10pm until the final episode of the series has aired.

In the first episode, Chris and Michaela are in Norfolk to note the changes since spring.

They will also bear witness to the Snettisham Spectacular – an autumn spectacle in the birding calendar.

Over Northern Ireland, Gillian discovers how moles store worms for the winter months.

Meanwhile, Megan McCubbin is on the Isle of Mull, known for its eagles, red deer and otters.

The second episode will see Chris and Michaela search for signs of beaver activity in Norfolk.

Gillian will learn about the significance of mud at Strangford Lough and Megan will be checking on hedgehogs on Mull.

Viewers will also get to see the stunning backdrops of Cumbria in some breathtaking shots.

Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk offers a range of experiences, showcasing all different kinds of wildlife and habitats.

The site offers plenty of guided tours and workshops, including a regenerative farming workshop.

The website says: “We offer workshops for those looking to learn more about specific parts of the Wild Ken Hill project.

“In particular regenerative farming and rewilding. Workshops last an entire day with the aim of delivering an informative, practical guide to some of the most exciting new land uses available to land managers in the UK.”

Castle Espie Wetland Centre covers 60 acres across the shores of Strangford Lough and there are some exciting events planned.

Up until November 13, visitors can take part in the Winter Migration Festival, as Brent Geese arrive after a 3,000-mile journey from Arctic Canada.

As for the Isle of Mull, fans may be interested to hear it is well known for being the home of the CBeebies programme Balamory

There is plenty to do on the island and the main attraction is the ‘world class’ wildlife.

Wildlife photographer from Tobermory, Gordon Buchannan, holds the area close to his own heart.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series returning, with Jamie Kingscott saying: “Autumnwatch is back tonight and the hype is very real.”

Joe Thompsett added: “Really looking forward to watching #Autumnwatch this evening, especially all of the @WildKenHill segments.”

Autumnwatch starts on BBC Two tonight, October 26, at 8pm.

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