Azaylia Cain's mum Safiyya breaks down in tears as she spots love heart and angel wings in stunning orange sunset

AZAYLIA Cain's mum Safiyya broke down in tears as she spotted a love heart and angel wings in a stunning orange sunset this evening.

The heartbroken parent has found several signs from her late daughter in the sky since her tragic death last month at eight months old.

Taking to her Instagram Story tonight, Safiyya filmed a jaw-dropping sunset on her and boyfriend Ashley Cain's doorstep.

Off-camera, she told followers: "The last few days I haven't seen much going on in the sky, and tonight I got blessed with this beautiful orange sunset."

Speaking to the sky, she signed off: "Hey princess."

Safiyya returned to her Story shortly after, absolutely shocked to have seen the sunset get even deeper with intensity since her first video.

Clearly in awe, she shared: "I just posted that Story and have been stood outside another five minutes – look how deep the sky has changed?

"The sky is grey like that all around me, then from the last clip I did… Wow."

Safiyya was further moved when she spotted a heart in the orange clouds, with orange the colour that she and Ashley always used to represent Azaylia's brave battle.

The devastated mum then saw angel wings in the sky, and as she silently filmed the sunset some more, Safiyya could be heard sniffing before choking up with tears as the camera cut.

Brave Safiyya and Ashley have been honest in their solace from the sky when opening up about their crippling grief with social media followers.

Ashley admitted that it'd brought him "peace" after he and Safiyya spotted their daughter's face, angels, and even Azaylia's initial in the clouds after her death.

Earlier this week, Safiyya said that she struggled to get out of bed through her pain and heartache, adding that the world is a "scary place to wake up to".

She also questioned "why Azaylia" as she battled sleepless nights, with Ashley sharing that planning their little girl's funeral had "brought him to his knees".

At the beginning of April, the devoted parents revealed that doctors had told them they could no longer treat Azaylia's leukaemia, which she was diagnosed with at just eight weeks old.

The family had just raised over £1million for her to get specialist treatment in Singapore when they were delivered the heartbreaking news, with medics finding tumours throughout her body – including on her brain.

In the weeks that followed, Azaylia needed several blood transfusions as she started to cry blood, and suffer nosebleeds – with purple bruises also appearing on her body as her illness meant that her blood could not clot.

She stopped breathing several times and began to suffer seizures in her final days, with Safiyya and Ashley providing their daughter round-the-clock care alongside their close family members.

Azaylia passed away at home on 24 April, with Ashley and Safiyya both paying emotional tribute as they broke the news on social media the following day.

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